The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part XI

Game notes, March 6th, 2016

When we last left our heroes, the Aluminium Falcon was perched (see what I did there?) on an uneven rocky surface.
Using the data collected, they can narrow the list of 6 crash sites down, but will need to be airborne to do so.
This will be a problem since a thunderstorm like Thor’s diarhea is crashing down around them. Verily.
After the harrowing landing and investigation of the pod, the team takes a few minutes to regroup and do some healing.
As they are getting things back in order, lightning hits the ship, knocking out the main systems and going on emergency power.
Rikoo went off to feed and water the prisoner, who complained about his treatment.
Glak and Lod went to the cockpit where Shyvah had shut the door to keep the bugs in.
In a display of Olympic coordination, they open the door just long enough to burst in and then slam it shut without releasing any bugs.
Getting a closer look at the bugs, they can see they have a venomous stinger and a poison gland, probably a good idea not to get stung but they don’t know how bad it actually is. This kind of creature usually has a hive mind mentality, but are more passive since their queen is not around. They can be quite agressive if threatened however.
Lod pulls a bag out of some compartment in his belt, and they decide to try to throw the arm with the bugs on it in the bag, since they are all in one place at the moment.
Lod holds the bag and Glak tries to put the arm in quickly, but slips and accidentally throws the arm towards Shyvah.
Shyvah’s bounty hunter instincts kick in, literally, as she kicks the arm off the floor, right into the bag. They shut it and close it, putting it in a hold for future use.
Diving into the mechanics of the systems, Glak gets the ship power back up and operational, fixing a few systems that may have failed in the future at the same time (triumph).
Doing a bit of masterful computer work, Lod finds 3 probable spots out of the 6 potential ones.
Shyvah goes to see the prisoner to question her bounty – which she did not capture herself.
Gideon tries to convince her that he needs to use the refresher and wants out. Shyvah is fine with him soiling himself.
Rikoo finds a quiet place on the ship and meditates, trying to locate the disturbance he felt before.
It seems to be a cave on the other side of the planet, as he sees flashes of it in his mind. There seem to be some weird old structures in the cave, but he can’t make out specifics from his visions.
Shyvah questions Gideon about his past, digging for more information on a hit during the Ascendency. He’s seen some shit, but doesn’t admit to having anything to do with the hit in question. She tries to coerce him to reveal the information, but his opinion is not swayed.
While Lod is looking stuff up on the ship’s computer in the cockpit, the whole canopy suddenly goes dark, as if something dark has been thrown over it. Taking a closer look, it appears to be moving, unlike any kind of fabric.
The ship suddenly shifts, and groans like the metal is being squeezed but something.
Glak and Lod take up the bottom and top guns, respectively.
Glak takes a blind shot at the jungle nearby to see if anything happens. The canopy still remains dark, and the ship makes a noise like it is being squeezed harder.
Rikoo opens his senses and can feel that this is an oranic creature that has latched onto the ship, but can’t get much more of a mental picture.
He goes to the top hatch to have a look, and lifts himself up just far enough to see.
It looks like a giant furry spider with octopus tentacles has covered the cockpit, and has some tentacles reaching across the ship.
The creature is hanging from a nearby tree with two tentacles, and the others are grabbing the ship with large spikes at the end of the tentacles.
It sees Rikoo with one of it’s eyes, and makes a lunge for him, but Rikoo gets back inside in time with a little strain.
Glak jumps in the cockpit and fires up the engines, which unfortunately does not scare the creature.
He attemps to take off and drag the octopus/spider thing off. In a skillful bit of piloting, he uses the creature’s own force against it and dislodges the tentacles and spikes from the ship, sailing free as the creature is thrown back onto the tree branch, spinning around like a window blind that has been snapped up too quickly.
Glak dodges the lightning until he can see an adequate landing spot, which isn’t far from one of the crash points.
He lands the ship in a clearing that is hopefully octopus free.

+10xp for all



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