The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part X

Game notes from February 24th, 2016

While devising the plan to get to the pod, Lod gets space narcolepsy and falls asleep.
Dumping him in the crew quarters, the noise wakes up Shy’vah.

Considering their options, they go with the Mission Impossible plan (a favourite Correlian show they all used to watch).
Rikoo being the stongest, he goes out on the ramp and ties one end of the rope on the hydraulic ramp strut, and the other end to Shy’vah (the lightest).
Glak has to steady the ship a bit as Rikoo lowers Shy’vah down.
Shy’vah is strained a little trying to keep her balance while being lowered, possibly due to seeing a spider.
Getting closer to the pod, Shy’vah can see the lettering 34-B on it, and that there are vines growing all over it.
The metal surface seems to be shifting, like there’s something moving on it…

Rikoo lowers Shy’vah more to get a better look, and Glak moves the ship a bit more towards the rock wall.
Upon closer inspection, the pod is covered in thousands of green flying spiders, which Shy’vah identifies as snoobergleeglobers (or snoobs).
They have stingers, and will probably swarm whatever startles them.

Putting a foot out, Shy’vah steadies herself to try to shoot the jungle around the pod.
(triumph) She manages to skim a shot off of some dry dead vegetation, starting a short burn fire that scares all the bugs off the pod.
The fire goes out quickly, leaving Shy’vah and the pod unharmed.

With the pod clear of the bugs, Shy’vah spots an arm bone on the pod, and blood stains on the hatch.
There also appear to be claw marks on the metal, like something was trying to get inside.
(triumph) Going for the door, Shy’vah does a forward kick flip on the rope and lands perfectly on top of it.
With Shy’vah out of danger, Rikoo finds a way to secure the rope on the ramp, so it is more stable and there is less risk for him as well.

Popping open the hatch, Shy’vah is greeted by a skeleton near the entrance. This startles her so much she is unnerved for the rest of her pod exploration time.
The skeleton is near the back of the pod, and it looks like the person was crushed.
There is also a computer in the back, but there is a lot of moss on it, and it has corroded quite a bit.
Shy’vah can also hear some small skittering noises, like there may be some of the snoobs still in the pod.
Trying to get to the computer, Shy’vah climbs over the skeleton and accidentally knocks his arm off.

The computer itself is long past any state of usage, but the storage device seems to be intact, if she can remove it.
As she has moved to the back of the pod, the part hanging out over the chasm, the pod moves a little and Shy’vah hears an ominous rock-on-metal grinding sound.
Stabilizing herself in the pod, she tries to remove the storage device.
Not knowing her own strength, she pulls a little too aggressively and damages part of the device, possible affecting some of the files.

The wind kicks up outside, and the ship shifts slightly, scraping the cliff side.

  • +1 hull trauma, 9/22

With the storage device in hand, the pod really starts to shift now, and Shy’vah makes a run for the exit.
Sliding under some debris, then vaulting over the skeleton (grabbing the fallen arm on the way by), she leaps out of the pod and onto the rope just as it slides free and tumbles down into the chasm below.
Rikoo hauls her up, stabilizing himself half way, and Glak pulls the ship away from the cliff and gives her a little altitude to keep from being rocked by the winds so much.

Once on the ship, Shy’vah gets in the pilot seat and gives the storage device to Glak to investigate. She proudly mounts her retrieved arm on the dashboard of the Falcon.
Rikoo goes to check on our captive bounty, and may or may not have defecated on him. We’ve stopped questioning wookiee customs.

In the engineering bay, Glak tries to adapt the storage device to some kind of interface with the ship computer.
(triumph) While checking out various ports and connections on the device, Glak opens a panel to find that the device has been equiped with a removable universal interface adapter, which can be used on any legacy tech device.
Glak starts to transfer the files off the device onto the ship computer for analysis.

Up in the cockpit, Shy’vah sees some kind of blob in the distant sky, like a flock of some kind of creature, and it’s heading towards them.
It is in the opposite direction from the potential crash sites, so she swings the ship around and starts to head away from it at a resonable speed so as to not throw everyone around while they are doing their respective tasks.

Despite usually not wanting the droid around him, Glak calls IT in to check the files with him, but only if he keeps his mouth shut when not needed.
Looking at the data, they find the location of the ship when the pod was launched, and the trajectory of the pod. Using this data, they may be able to determine which way the ship was heading.
They also find 2 audio files and a holovid.
Audio file 1 (a lot of static, cannot make out everything): man yelling in Basic Damn you! Damn you to hell for abandoning us! You’re all cowards! If I find you, I’m going to choke the life out of you! (IT3PO identifies the voice as Captain Harsol)
Audio file 2 has been too damaged to be processed as a result of the rouch handing of the storage device.
Holovid: The video shows the inside of the pod, and it seems to be shaking violently. 3 humans are freaking out, “god damn Harsol for dragging us out here with this greedy scheme of his”, “it’s that Cratala chick, with her polical motivations, she’s been plotting against Harsol and developing things in that lab directly against the chancellor’s wishes!”

Flying away from the dark blob of whatever that is chasing them, the ship flies into a large storm that reduces visibility and starts to push the ship around. Lightning can be seen hitting nearby. Shy’vah comms the other two to let them know it’s going to get rough, and she’s going to attempt to land.
The sensors are no help, and she can’t see much, but she’s going to try to put them down before they get knocked down.
Diving down through the storm, dodging lighting the whole time, Shy’vah aims for the jungle below, and pulls up just in time to drop the Falcon into a clear landing area.
The thump of the landing moves the skeleton arm a little, and a few of the green bugs fly out from their hiding place inside it. There was much arm flailing and cursing.

With the data transfer done, they can now start to analyse the data for the location of the Sa-ala-nor.

+10 xp for each character for time played
+2 xp for all for role playing
+2 xp to Yan for continuing to play though a power outage



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