The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part VII

Notes from adventure session on January 27th, 2016

The team leaves the cargo hold with their gear, and heads to the airlock. They hear a voice on the intercom ask Bart to come to the cockpit.
They close it and Glak temporarily blocks the door from being opened, but will not last for long.
Heading to the upper deck, they first go to take care of the one crew member that should be in the crew quarters.
Walking quietly so they don’t attract attention, they get to the hallway where they have a choice of three doors.
Knowing the last one is Gideon’s quarters, they start by opening the first door, blasters drawn and set to stun (quieter).
Nobody was in the first room, so they move on to the second door.
In it was the Aqualish (Gno Gno) that Rikoo was fighting in the hallway, still pretty messed up and lying on a bed.
We stun him and tie him up, and Shyvah insists on gagging him with a pillow case.
She also searches him and finds 15 credits.

  • +15 cr to Shy’vah

Sneaking up to the cockpit, they open the door and there is a the human from the hallway (presumably Bart) talking to someone in a chair with his/her back to them.
They open fire with blasters on stun so they don’t shatter the transparisteel, Shy’vah stunning him with a critical hit,
Glak shoots, but in an unfortunate lack of luck, hits the e-reader in his arm pouch that has his space bible on it, and the shot ricochets wide.
The person in the chair attacks from cover, and he turns out to be a Twilek (Chalaka). He’s not using his stun setting, and gets a good hit on Glak’s arm.
Rikoo charges in and takes a whack at Bart, further injuring him. Bart tries to fight back, but due to the critical hit, he passes out from the effort and is down for the count. Rikoo leaps back out of the way.
Shyvah shoots the gun out of Chalaka’s hand, causing it to skitter across the room.
Glak gets a decent hit on Chalaka, which only seems to enrage him, as he lunges at Glak with a pair of shock gloves, getting him in the face for a little damage and stunning him a little.
Being in melee range now, Rikoo takes a heavy spinning swing at Chalaka and severs his head tentacles on the first pass, then buries the axe between his eyes on the second one, killing him.
They tie up the uncontious Bart, and Glak heals Shy’vah’s wounds. They attempt to do something about Glak’s wounds, but are unable to (left with 6 wounds still).

  • +10xp each player



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