The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part IX

Game notes from February 15th, 2016

Lod finally awakens from his slumber at an insistent Glak going “heal me heal me heal me…”.

  • Glak healed for 2, currently has 2 wounds and 1 critical (2 purple to heal)

Looking through the spoils of their previous encounter, Lod takes one of the spare heavy blasters and a breath mask, and his 250 credits from the advance they got from Isotek.
3 days have passed (4 days for crit heal for Rikoo, 6 for Glak), and they are making their hyperspace jump for the last leg of the trip to Chulgana.
Distributing the load, Lod takes the wilderness survival kit.
During the trip, they call IT3PO up to the cockpit to ask more questions about the ship or anything that might be helpful.
Concerned about the previous references to guardian battle droids, Glak asks about any computer ports on the outside of the ship.
According to IT, the only ports on the outside are for astromech droids, so Glak can’t use them (neither can “the useless rust bucket” IT3PO, according to Glak).
Lod asked it about any kind of emissions the ship may have had, or may have been leaking, as a form of tracking. The ship was in fine condition and does not vent any kind of chemical or radiation, as far as IT’s faulty dust covered memory circuits can remember (according to Glak).
As soon as they emerge from hyperspace, they find themselves surrounded in some kind of fog or cloud, and can’t see anything.
It is also causing the sensors to go haywire, so they have no idea where the planet is.
Worse, they hear something solid hit the ship.
Glak stops the ship so they don’t fly right into something big and more solid than they are.
They still hear small hits like gravel pinging off the ship.
Glak tweaks the sensors but can’t see anything. Lod gives it a try and is able to get them working better.
Just then something larger hits the ship… they need to get out of here before they get pulverized.

  • Aluminum Falcon hull trauma +3, now 8/22

Rikoo seems pensive, and feels something out there (but uses the dark side).
Lod looks out the windows and notices a meteor float by in the dust. They are in a meteor belt.
Using the sensors they can see flickers of life to the port, starbord, and… down.
Lod peers though the meteor storm and notices it seems clearer in the downward direction.
Glak fires up the engines at a moderate pace and flies down according to Lod’s detailed directions (“fly down”).
A big meteor hits the ship again, knocking it off course, straining the engines to get it back on course without flying into anything else.

  • Aluminum Flacon ship strain +1, now 2/15

Stepping on it to avoid the chance of hitting more meteors, they come out of the storm to find Chulgana down below them.
Through the cloud cover they can see the lush jungle below. Finding what they’re looking for won’t be easy.
Using the Isotek pod information as reference, they try to narrow down their search, first finding out it is in the norther hemisphere.
Narrowing down the quadrant, Lod finds there are 6 possible areas to search over an 80km stretch of jungle, where there may be large ship debris.
Lod also notices something interesting on the outskirts of the 80km zone.
Rikoo reaches out through the Force and senses something that is on the other side of the planet, which will take them a long time to get to and back from (day to a day and a half). After a short debate, they determine that the ship should be the top priority, since there may be others coming for it. We can check out the Force location on the way out, if they are able to.
They start with the interesting blip on the outskirts, Glak flying while Lod keeps an eye out for whatever it might be.
It seems to be coming from a deep river chasm that is covered with trees and jungle on either side.
Checking the sensors, Lod finds something on the western wall. Glak maneuvers the ship down for a closer look, but a strong wind kicks up and knocks the ship out of balance.
Before he can recover, Glak runs the front spokes against the wall, clearing off the jungle and the trees… and finding a metalic cylindrical object sticking out of the wall!
They can see it’s an escape pod, with the markings 34-Besh on it. IT confirms this pod may have come from the Sa-ala-nor.
The winds kick up again, and Glak tries to pull back a bit so they don’t hit the wall. The ship resists and even though they don’t hit, there is additional strain on the ship.

  • Aluminum Falcon ship strain +2 (4/15)

Looking for ways to access the pod, Lod notices a path that may lead to the cliff wall where they could repel down to it.
A quicker alternative would be if the wookiee lowers someone on a rope, and they repel over to it, while Glak keeps the ship steady.
Of course, they go with the mission impossible plan, and get the rope ready…

  • +10xp per player



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