The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part VIII

Games notes from February 8th, 2016

Due to the wounds suffered in the previous episode, Glak starts out by taking a stimpack.

  • Glak: 1 stimpack use (-5 wounds)

From the cockpit, Glak, Shy’vah, and Rikoo make their way to the airlock between the ships.
On the way, Shy’vah is not looking where she is going and knocks herself uncontious.
They sneak back onto the Aluminium Falcon, and put Shy’vah in the crew quarters nearby.
Rikoo and Glak hear banging from the forward hold, and go to investigate.
Opening the door, there is one of the pirates standing with his back to them, bent over a crate and going through its contents.
It looks like the banging was from the other boxes being knocked over and opened by him.
He seems completely engrossed in what he is doing, so Glak runs up and sticks a gun in his back, forcing him to surrender.
After a short debate if they should leave him alive or dead, they gag him with some nearby material, tie him up with rope, and shove him in a crate.
Sneaking towards the main hallway, they hear the sound of a cutting torch coming from the cockpit hallway.
A voice yells “Gideon, we’re almost through!”, implying Gideon is somewhere else in the ship.
Rikoo and Glak formulate a plan to vent the oxygen from the ship and knock them out, but Rikoo needs his breather mask.
He tries to sneak past the cockpit hallway, but the guy with the torch senses something and comes down the hallway to investigate.
Rikoo charges him with his axe, but the swing is wild and misses.
The pirate draws his pistol and takes a shot, missing but causing Rikoo to drop his axe.
Recovering from losing his axe, Rikoo whips out both vibroblades and jams them into the pirate’s eye sockets, killing him instantly.
Just as that happens, Gideon drops out of the tunnel leading to the gunner seats and charges Glak, vibrosword drawn.
He hits Glak hard, causing a critical injury (+1 purple on skill checks for the rest of the session, 2 purple to heal, “compromised” critical).
Glak fires on Gideon, hitting him in the arm and causing some damage, but the splash damage destroys the door panel next to him.
This causes the door between the main hallway and the cockpit hallway to slam shut, sealing Rikoo off from the fight.
Rikoo tries to contact IT3PO to get him to open the door. IT can’t do anything but a system reboot, which might help.
The reboot shuts off all the lights, but does cause the door to open a crack, enough for Rikoo to get a grip on it.
As he tries to open the door, Gideon runs down the hall to see if he can get reinforcements from the forward hold.
The door is too heavy, and Rikoo cannot move it enough to get through.
Glak pulls open the fried electrical panel and hotwires it to open the door, but it also causes the lights to come back on.
Gideon is now in the forward hold, but a bit of luck from the hotwiring causes the doors to slam shut temporarily.
Glak and Rikoo run back to the main hold as Gideon frees his man from the crate in the forward hold.
Gideon tries to open the door but fails, while the two heros formulate a plan.
Remembering the schematics, Glak realizes the forward loading bay of the ship is in the open compartment next to Gideon.
Hacking into the ship’s computer, he could probably override the safety checks and open the door, venting them into space.
However, Gideon is worth something to them…
They choose instead to negotiate with the other pirate in the forward hold, Stig.
“Hey Stig, we don’t have any problem with you, it’s your captain we want! Help us capture him, and you get the other ship and you’ll be the captain! We’ll let you go, no questions asked.”, Glak yells through the door.
After a brief pause, a scuffle is heard, including the clanging of a sword hitting the floor.
Opening the door, they find Stig has overpowered Gideon and has him pinned. Honoring their agreement, they let Stig leave.
Rikoo wants to blow up the other ship and kill the remaining people, but a little voice in the back of his mind reminds him of the Jedi code.
Taking Gideon captive, they put Shy’vah’s binders on him, tie him up, and lock him in a box. A quick search reveals his sword under a crate.
They search the other body and eject it into space.

1 vibrosword is taken by Rikoo for now, will see if Shy’vah wants it
1 utility belt taken by Rikoo
1 set of shock gloves taken by Glak

Put in a “for sale” pile on the ship:
2 heavy blasters
2 breath masks

In case of any funny business, Rikoo jumps in the turret while Glak fires up the engines and puts some distance between themselves and the ship.
Rikoo helps Glak heal his wounds slightly.

  • +10 xp for finishing the side quest
  • +10 xp for play experience
  • +2 xp to Glak for the Gideon conflict resolution



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