The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part VI

Game notes, January 24th, 2016

Our band of scoundrels come-to in a small cell on the distressed ship.
It’s a traditional metal box with bars on the door, but also surrounded by an energy shield.
There are shield control panels on the wall, and on the outside of the cell (but within the barrier).
The pirate captain comes to check on us, introduces himself as Gideon, captain of the Fairialis.
He looks like a captain, puffy shirt, boots and all. He said they’re currently searching our ship.
He leaves 2 Wequay guards to watch over us, but they don’t really seem that interested and are having a conversation near the cell block entrance.
Shyvah gets an odd look on her face… she remembers seeing a bounty for him, he’s wanted for being part of the Sulani pirates.
It was a large bounty from what she remembers, but unsure if he needs to be delivered dead or alive.
Shyvah checked the cell and found a loose panel in the floor, and some metal shards that could be used as lock picks.
Rikoo bent the panel back with a little effort, and Shyvah slipped into the ventilation shaft underneath, givng the lock picks to Glak.
A Wequay guard came over to see us, but Shyvah had left her boots behind, conveniently positioned so it looked like she was sitting behind Rikoo.
The wookiee is so big the guard had no reason to doubt it, but Glak pretended to talk to her to sell it anyways and succeeded.
Shyvah gets near the guards in the vent, her stealth efforts aided by her lack of clunky old boots.
She throws something down the hall outside the cell block, distracting the guards who run down the hall to see what the noise was.
As she is doing that, Glak takes the opportunity to pick the lock and get the door open.
Shyvah jumps out of the vent and brings down the energy shield.
As the guards return, Rikoo prepares to jump on them, and Glak gets ready to grab either a blaster or vibroknife from one of them.
In an impressive show of strength, Rikoo knocks both of them uncontious as they come up to the room.
We retrieve 2 heavy blasters (going to Glak and Shyvah), and 2 vibroknives, which Rikoo is dual wielding.
Both guards had a breathing mask, taken by Glak and Shyvah since they won’t fit Rikoo’s furry head.
They throw the guards in the cell, relock it, and shut off the lights.
From a terminal across from the cell block, Glak gets in and gets a schematic of the ship.
At the front of the ship is a cockpit, with corridors leading down each side of the ship.
Several hallways intersect the ship. The first contains crew quarters and a med bay. Gideon’s is the last one on the right, but does not have traditional lock access, so it may have extra security like a key code.
The second hallway has the cell the team were trapped in, and the third leads to the engineering room in the back.
There is also a lower floor, accessible from each intersection in the main hallways.
On the end of the second hallway is the airlock back to their ship, and below the engineering room is the cargo hold.
When approaching the ship, they had detected 8 life forms. 2 of them are now locked up in the brig.
From the computer scanners, they were able to determine that 3 are still on the pirate ship, leaving 3 unaccounted for, and probably on the Aluminium Falcon.
We can also see that our gear was taken to the cargo hold, so the team heads down there first.
After Glak failed at using any kind of tracking skills to locate which locker or storage unit has our stuff, Shyvah used her perception to find it in a big chest. This also contained a bonus item for everyone.

  • +1 item each, can be rare due to pirates, max value of 500 credits

While we are in the cargo hold, Rikoo feels a calling from the Force. Folling his instincts, he finds a Jedi hollocron haphazardly throw into a storage unit. It’s obvious the pirates had no idea what they had found and considered it junk.

  • +1 hollocron for Rikoo

As the team restores their gear, they prepare for the next part of their plan: close off the airlock, take out the remaining 3 people on the ship, capture the pirate captain, and then take their ship back (looting what they can from the pirate ship, including Gideon’s quarters).

  • +10 xp



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