The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part V

Adventure notes from January 10th, 2016.

Started the game with an exciting round of healing.
Glak healed Rikoo, Rikoo attempted to heal Shyvah and … got nothing. No healing for you, Shyvah.
Glak examined the flower petal that was found on Rikoo, and it is from a Dantooinian Fly Trap. This is a common plant sold in most major space stations and core worlds. They seem to recall a woman at a stall on the Hub selling some.

  • When we get back to the Hub, find the woman with the flower cart, possible Imperial intelligence connections.

From the ship computer, we did a hull scan, but were unable to find anything unusual.
Glak ran a scan of the regular systems to make sure everything was operational, but needed IT3PO to interpret the results. Everything was normal, no problems with life support, etc.
Rikoo and Shyvah questioned the droid on what it knew about Chulgana, Captain Harsol, and his role in everything.

From the rust bucket:
The planet is used by big game hunters for safaris and such, but otherwise it is uninhabited, and is covered in jungle, as far as he knew from the databanks he studdied.
IT travelled with the captain, and doesn’t have specific information on the technology onboard, but that it is an advanced form of cybertek, such as new limbs, implants, and was a way of expanding into new fields and markets.
Rom’s father, Ropok, and Captain Harsol had a deal to work on this and expand the market together before the ships disappearance.
IT3PO was at Isotek when the Clone Wars ended and the ship had to make an emergency jump to avoid being captured by the Empire.
The Sa-nala-or is a “munificent” class star ship, very distinctive, named after a banker who used underhanded financial practices to make himself rich.
Harsol was a decorated war hero, smuggler, and had been arrested multiple times for dealing with the black market.
In terms of ship layout, it had many of the common areas expected from a ship of its class, but also had a restricted section and research lab near the center of the ship.
The ship had a compliment of battle droids, which may still be operational and following the last orders given by the captain.

The crew had a much deserved rest before plotting their next jump and getting their gear ready.
Shyvah and Rikoo take the two stim packs that were on the ship (one each), Rikoo took the glow rod from the survival kit.
However, as the crew were in the process of getting their gear ready, a distress call came in on the sensor array.
It was a recorded transmission: “…ship attacked by raiders, life support failing…” and cut off.
Tracing the transmission and flying to where it came from (Glak at the wheel, with Shyvah and Rikoo on the upper and lower cannons), they find what appears to be a damaged Fereallis TL1200 freighter spinning slowly in space, not under any guidance, with 8 life signs aboard.

Taking a quick tour around the ship and doing a quick mechanical examination, Glak can see that the gas venting from the ship is actually coming from an automated system, and is not the result of any damage to the ship.
Rikoo and Shyvah get their guns ready at the side port while Glak docks the ship.
Opening the airlock between them, they see a knee sticking out from a crate in the long hallway leading into the other ship. The power is out and there are only a few emergency lights flickering, making visibility difficult (except for Shyvah, who has Chiss-Vision™).
Rikoo goes down the hall to investigate as Glak shows up at the airlock with Shyvah, and it turns out the knee belongs to an Aqualish, who promptly tosses a gas grenade at them. How rude.
Glak assumes this is a case of mistaken identity and yells at them to stop, that they’re not the raiders, and they’re here to help.
Which does nothing, since… say it with me… IT’S A TRAP!
The Aqualish gets a lucky shot off and shuts the door between the two ships, isolating Rikoo.
Rikoo gets jumped on by the Aqualish and a human with shock gloves.
Glak manages to get the door back open, but the gas and stun shots from their opponents is too much.
Everyone ends up uncontious and captured!

  • +15xp for everyone



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