The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part IV


Before setting out to see about the droid, Glak tried to use his mechanics skills to remove the clamps from the ship.
The Force was not with him, and he failed miserably. So he tried to hack them with a datapad, and that didn’t do any better.
With the threat of the Yiyars leaving with the droid looming, the crew decides to try to assault the ship.
Glak and Shyvah are known to the guards, so they change clothing to try to avoid being spotted.

On the way to the private hanger, the trio is spotted by a guard who is questioning the barrel vendor.
The guard yells “Hey you, come here!”, but Glak sends a random pedestrian next to him over to talk to the guy, distracting him long enough for them to get away.
They go into the area outside the hanger, but the doors are shut, and the guard will be there soon.
The three take cover behind the crates, but the guard notices Glak’s foot sticking out from one of the corners.
Shyvah finds a rat, and bowls it over to the other side of the room, where it makes noise and runs away. The guard follows to investigate.
Covered by Rikoo and Shyvah, Glak tries to hotwire the door lock to get it open. The others have their weapons drawn, ready to bust in firing.
In a moment of great anti-climacticness, Glak is unable to get the door open, just as some of the Hub security investigating Isotek leave the office and will be within view momentarily. Shyvak and Glak loiter around, looking inconspicuous, while Rikoo climbs the crates to get out of sight.
Heading over to the terminal, Rikoo does some acrobatics to distract the crowd while Glak hacks into the door system and unlocks it.

Opening the door, the three sneak in and take cover, but the four Rodian minions notice them.
The Sulustan, Two-Low Tallo, and the Rodian leader, Yav Yiyar, are nowhere to be seen, but the ship’s ramp is down, and the clamps are still on.
Blaster fire is exchanged, and Rikoo closes in to use his axe.
In the ensuing fight, Yav comes down to the ramp entrance to see what is happening, and joins in the fight.
Rikoo gets critically hit, causing him to be disoriented (no blue bonuses in combat), will need to be healed or will apply for all further combat.
Shyvah also gets critially hit, an inconvenient wound that will take a one purple medical check to heal, but will not impair her abilities.
Rikoo gets another critical hit, but is not seriously hurt. The attack hit nothing but fur.
The ships engines fire up as they are getting ready to leave. Rikoo charges up the ramp and shoulders past Yav. Running into the engine room, he pulls out a block of explosive with a remote detonator and slaps it on the engine compartment.
Outside the ship, Glak and Shyvah take down another Rodian, leaving the last one very injured (the trio killing the others with a sucking neck wound, a blast to the head, and one with a blaster bold that went in one eye – riccocheted off the ship – and back out the other eye).
Yav runs into the ship after Rikoo and shoots him, using the temporary distraction to grab the explosive off the engine and shove it in his pants.
Rikoo is critically hit with an agonizing wound that will require a two purple medical check to heal. This wound affects all brawn and agility checks, adding one extra purple.
Taking a knife wound for the team, Rikoo shoves Yav into a critical weak point in the engine compartment, and runs for the door. On the way, IT3PO is in the hallway. Rikoo scoops him up, sprints past a Rodian minion, and down the ramp, triggering the explosive as he went.
The explosion takes out the engines on the ship, does unspeakable damage to Yav, melts the Rodian minion in the hallway, and the debris kills the last Rodian guard.

Rikoo shuts off 3PO and puts him on his back, covering him in his cloak, as the 4 make it back to their ship undetected.
With the clamps still in place, Glak makes one last ditch attempt to mechanically disable them. Thanks to a bad motivator, the clamps come off, and the group run into the ship and fire up the engines.
Just as they are about to leave, the Hub guards run in and start shooting. We close the ramp on the fingers of one guard as he makes a lunge for it, and blast out of the hanger.
The Hub security tries to hail us, threatening to fire. We tell them where to shove it and keep going, but in our haste we run into a freighter (5 damage to the ship hull).
In a stroke of luck, Glak manages to angle the hit so the freighter angles right into the line of fire from the Hub cannons, covering their escape.

The crew have a choice: make a direct jump to the planet (4 purple), or two jumps (2 purple, then a 3 purple).
Loddie is still passed out, so Shyvah calculated the jumps. Due to her skill, wanting to avoid detection, and the lack of an immediate threat, we decide to go for 2 jumps. Shyvah gets the coordinates easily, and the Hub fighters only have a chance to deploy before we jump to hyperspace.
One critical injury was healed on Shyvah and Rikoo.

  • +17 xp each for destroying the ship, rescuing the droid, and making it into hyperspace without dying.
  • Additionally, when the ship blew, the crates were blown open, and each crew member grabbed a weapon or armour worth up to 400 credits.



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