The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part I
Weird Twi'lek's, Good Whiskey, and Squirting Jawas

Session notes from November 25th:

Ship name: the Aluminium Falcon, YT1300 freighter
We have a hideout on Coruscant at Choppers if we need it.
Had previous dealings with the Pike gang, have a debt with them but are in good favour, our contact is Jizz Pike.

Karen – Shy’vah – Chiss Bounty Hunter, but also hunted by someone
Yan – Akcharikoo (Rikoo) – Wookiee Jedi Padawan, escaped the massacre at the Jedi temple on Coruscant by Anakin, living in hiding ever since, taking odd jobs when he can (note: showing Force skills can get is in Imperial trouble)
Paul – Lod (Loddie) Nuruk – Duron spy and intelligence specialist, likes trying to find new exotic places, bit of an adventurer, aligned with the Rebeilion, can pilot, good with astrogation due to his species

  • Starting cash: 27 credits

Jizz Pike sent us a message telling us to get to the Wheel, a space station in the Outer Rim, and go see Rom at Isotek about a mission.
He said it will very much help with our debt owed to the Pikes.

Looked up intel on Isotek: Rom is the CEO, was founded by his father, Ropok Polan’skii, with aspirations of becoming a high-end cybernetics provider, but instead has become a run-down gadget and tool company, nothing very advanced.

Shy’vah and I went to see Rom while Lod and Rikoo went to the bar to find out intel.

The offices are smelly, dirty, and have seen too many cycles. There are two offices for Rom and his sister (She-Ra), and an old receptionist droid, CZ13 (Seize). There is a cargo bay on either side of each office, but the one next to She-Ra’s office is partially obscured by a wall.

In the bar, Rikoo eavesdropped on a conversation by a man/woman (not sure) who was upset that a deal with a fat Correlian named Maroon Dak fell through. He/she was trying to find his/her sister, and paid for information that was never delivered.
Rikoo got a little too into the story and bumped into the speaker, spilling his drink, with Loddie stepping in to buy him/her a new one.
Loddie found out from the bartender (Ceolo) that this Maroon Dak was not a person to be taken lightly.

Shy’vah and I spoke to Rom, who wanted to send us on a mission to find the Sa-Nala-Or, a mystical treasure ship.
From my previous travels, I had heard of the ship, but the location was never certain, and many treasure hunters had tried to find her in the past, all without success. The ship is commonly used in information selling scams and other cons. Even the Imperials had been trying to find her, as there was something in the cargo that interested them. The Imperials stopped hiring mercs for this 2 years ago after a new official was put in charge of the security bureau tasked with locating the ship.

Rom came into the possession of a hyperspace message pod that came from the Sa-Nala-Or, the pod has the location of the ship, in the outer fringe of the outer rim. He wants us to find the ship, gather as much info as we can, and alert their salvage team on Raxis Prime, where Rom will meet us. There is also supposedly some tech onboard that he wants to get his hands on, and to bring that to him personally. Offered 10k credits, 1k upfront, and he will put in a good word to the Pikes to reduce our debt load to them.

  • 1,000 credits to be distributed to the team

We must also bring a droid with us shudder who used to belong to Rom’s father (Ropok) and was abord the ship before it disappeared, and may know the captain and some of the crew. Droid is a standard protocol droid, designation IT3PO (IT3).

Rom let me look at the pod, which was badly damaged and needed repairs to the computer systems. We found a recorded message from Captain Harsol to Ropok: “… require a rescue and survival gear… is your end of the plan still viable? Come get us, here are the coordinates.” (noted, on Chulgana)
Also recovered the vector for the final jump of the Sa-Nala-Or so we can get to it pretty easily (indirect route recommended, will take about 3 days + extra for safe routes and misdirection).

  • since we have the vector, -2 black dice on astrogation check to Chulgara (let Loddie do it)

Info on Chulgana: hostile jungle world, need survival suits, native species are Nexu, ship was damaged already while it was entering the atmosphere and ejected the pod, so no actual info of the surface.

As we were leaving Isotek, Shy’vah saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye.

Meanwhile, after buying a replacement Squirty Jawa for the man/woman, Lod and Rikoo went back to the hangar where our ship waited along with another, older ship. Loddie tried to sneak aboard the ship, but fell over while trying to pick the lock, causing a piece of electrical equipement to fall on him. Rikoo stood guard to make sure they weren’t discovered.

  • +10 xp per player
Episode I: Under a Black Sun - Part IV: Endgame
Session Report


Arriving at the NovaCore factory, Shyvah and Kraln posed as Zelcomm delivery people and gained entry into the factory. Rikoo and IG-76 hid in the back of the truck and exited once within the facility.

Kraln was able to convince the supervisors there that he needed access to schematics in order to clean up the old abandoned section, where Kaa’to was undoubtedly hiding. Using a local droid, he found the path to take to get through the plant and into the abandoned section.

Once he and the team got there, however, they found that the entrance was blocked by rubble and debris. Also, the door beneath was wired with explosives (undoubtedly placed there by Kaa’to to prevent intruders from coming in. Shyvah used her small frame to smuggle herself into a vent system and, after letting a creepy-crawly make his way past her, arrived within the abandoned section. She confirmed the explosives were not triggered by motion, but only by moving the door.

After having Rikoo clear the debris, Kraln and IG-76 squeeze their way through the crack in the door, careful not to move it. Kraln deactivated the explosives, and Rikoo joined the team. He used his climbing gear to climb above the windows of the foreman’s office where Kaa’to was undoubtedly hiding, and made his way up a nearby ladder. This led him to the exhaut port where Kaa’to’s ship lay in wait.

IG-76 snuck into the foreman’s office and successfully caught Kaa’to off guard. Unfortunately, Kaa’to was prepared and escaped through the foreman’s office’s window and into the plant itself, using his jetpack to get around.

After an intense chase and firefight that involved NovaCORE security droids, the team actually captured Kaa’to alive by having Rikoo drop a net on the bounty hunter.

Bringing him back alive, the Pykes rewarded the team with 2000 creds each and offered them an employment contract, which they accepted.

Episode I: Under a Black Sun - Part III: Deadly Prey
Session Report

Well, I forgot what happened haha

Basically, Noxghar hacked into the Holonet and, after sending a picture of his junk to Steeven Haarper, Imperial Analyst for the ISB, he figured out that Kaa’to was hiding at the old NovaCORE plant in Sector 943, colloquially known as “The Works”.

Before heading there, however, the team decided to check out Zelcomm Tower to see if the illegal weapons ring there might have info on Kaa’to. There, they discovered that Corrum Sa’dia had knowingly sold Kaa’to some defective mini thermal detonators.

Episode I: Under a Black Sun - Part II: City of Shadows and Strife


CHAPTER 1: A New Ally?

With Noxghar and Pol deciding to stay behind at the Spyder in case Kaa’to were to return, the rest of the group ventured back out into the streets of level 1313.

As they began walking through a plaza back towards Chopper’s garage, a blaster muzzle was stuck to Shyvah’s back. A cold, mechanical voice warned her and her friends to stop in their tracks. Kraln and Rikoo, who were slightly ahead of the female Chiss, turned to see a droid covered in tattered clothing. It looked like an IG-series assassin droid, but heavily modified with thicker plating and half its signature cylindrical head missing.

“You’re coming with me," it said. "I’ve been tasked with returning those responsible for a data theft earlier tonight to Black Sun. I know you are they.”

Kraln tried negotiating with the droid, but the bounty hunter would have none of it. Trying a different approach, the cunning Chiss scholar deduced that Varannis, their new “buddy”, must have been the one who put the bounty out. He convinced the droid to call the Falleen underboss and explain the situation to him, explaining that things would undoubtedly change once he knew who they were.

Keeping his gun trained on Shyvah, the droid used his internal comlink to communicate with Varannis at the frequency provided to him by the group. The Falleen answered and, after having the situation explained to him by the droid, reluctantly honored his debt to the thieves and called the bounty off. He made it clear to the droid that it must relay the message that the debt was now paid.

The droid, unhappy about having its time wasted, told Varannis to offer some sort of compensation. The underboss snickered and said to come find him if it wasn’t happy. He also mentioned that both the group and the droid were after a common bounty, Kaa’to Leeachos, and that it should work with them to make things easier for itself.

Before the droid could decide on a course of action, Rikoo growled and pointed at a shrouded figure further down the street: it was Kaa’to!

With split-second timing, the droid turned, aimed its slugthrower rifle at its bounty, and fired. A loud bang, a sound rarely heard on Coruscant, where energy-based weapons were the norm, echoed through the plaza, shocking nearby civilians. The bullet struck Kaa’to in the leg, the sheer force of the impact knocking him prone onto his back. As bystanders began running away in terror, the Nikto stood up and quickly hobbled away into a nearby alley.

Kraln immediately sprang into action, dashing across the street… but quickly tripping over the curb and falling onto his face. Without missing a beat, however, he quickly rolled onto his back, his blaster trained on the IG droid. This and a few choice words convinced the bounty hunter to give into the logical course of action: team up and pursue their common target.

The foursome quickly followed the route the escaping quarry took, leading them into a bustling make-shift marketplace. This was not an official market, but a popular area where merchants set up tents and rickety booths every few days illegally (the CUP didn’t mind, as long as things were kept civil). The sheer amount of bodies in the area was staggering, let alone hooded ones. Finding Kaa’to was going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Shyvah, using her keen tracking abilities, managed to block out the distracting noises and visuals long enough to find a blood trail. She led the group through the crowd, fighting off merchants as they went, until they reached the end of the catwalk. The trail ended there, as if Kaa’to had jumped off. Had he hailed a skycab?

Upon closer inspection, she noticed scorch marks. Kraln used his knowledge of chemistry and technology to identify them as those left behind by an old, combustion jetpack. The Nikto bounty hunter must have been wearing one under his shrouds and used it to escape into the depths below… or the sky above. They were too late.


CHAPTER 2: Let’s Go Dancing

Back at Chopper’s, the crew hopped into The Rust Bucket, the crusty, smelly, and noisy landspeeder they had acquired from their Besalisk “pal”, and headed off to level 1459, where the Umbra Club was located. Luckily for Rikoo, who was sitting on the trunk and holding onto the tailfin, his claws helped him keep a grip while the sorry excuse for a vehicle coughed, wheezed, and sputtered its way through the Coruscant streets. The droid took this opportunity to introduce itself as IG-76.

Arriving outside the Umbra Club, its distinctive neon signs and video walls illuminating most of the street, the crew drew the attention of anyone on the street as their retched transport’s cacophony resonated throughout the area. Its repulsorlifts were so shoddy that it couldn’t even muster a smooth touchdown; the entire frame simply collapsed to the ground, as if the planet’s gravity had suddenly been dialed up to 200%.

Kraln, always worried about keeping a proper image, made grand gestures and loud remarks to ensure witnesses that it was all part of the model’s design. No one bought it… except for one homely-looking Toydarian woman waiting in the club’s lineup. She gave the blue-skinned showman bedroom eyes that would make any man run of his life.

Scanning the large crowd outside the establishment, it was clear getting in through the front door was going to be extremely long, if not downright difficult. Especially if the Klatooinian bouncer, who was currently breaking a Rodian drunkard’s arm, had anything to say about it.

Wondering what to do next, Shyvah noticed a drunken Twi’lek stumbling out of a nearby alleyway. His pitiful attempt to zip his fly made it very clear that he had been relieving himself back there. That, or someone else was relieving him. Regardless, the team knew the club had a back entrance thanks to the info they had gathered, so they decided to check it out.

As they entered the L-shaped alley, they remembered the fact that the back entrance was usually guarded. If they were to turn the corner without first knowing what was waiting for them, they might be in for a world of hurt. IG-76, who was quite adept at being sneaky (not something you usually encounter in a droid), stealthily peeked around the bend and saw nothing but a bored-looking bouncer, another Klatooinian, and an overhead lamp above the door. Taking advantage of the guard’s apparent disinterest in his surroundings, Kraln used his heightened vision to peer through the darkness that surrounded the lamp and noticed a lack of surveillance cameras and a single biometric reader. Undoubtedly set to recognize only the bouncer’s print.

Putting on their best spice-addict act, the band marched their way towards the doorman. Caught off guard, the large Klatooinian pulled his finger out of his nose and asked who they were. In response, they said they were Speng’s customers and that they were expected.

The bouncer did not buy this excuse, knowing full well that Speng always made his clients go through the front door. He did, however, offer to open the rear entrance for the right price. Rikoo did not like this, and quickly grabbed the greedy club employee by the throat. Unexpectedly, the Wookiee’s gesture made the Klatooinian laugh. He praised the hairy beast’s panache and offered to let him in for free, as long as the other three coughed up some coin. They did so reluctantly, and he pressed his thumb against the plate and opened the door. As they stepped through the threshold, he said his name was Umbopo and that they could use the back door anytime because they were “alright in his book”.


CHAPTER 3: Pan Galactic Gargleblaster Blues

The lighting in the club was very dim, save for the strobes that covered the dance floor, and the music loud. Peering through the poorly lit club, the group noticed a few additional Klatooinian bouncers strewn about the ground floor, as well as one stationed at the top of the stairs that led to a VIP balcony where five private booths were located. This was undoubtedly where Speng, a man who practically lived at the club, was to be found.

Shyvah and Rikoo made their way up the stairs, and IG-76 and Kraln headed to the bar, where a Gotal bartender was being harassed by angry-looking customers. Could that be Omacala, the owner?

The Wookiee and Chiss were stopped by the bouncer, being told that no booths were free. They explained they were there to see Speng, but were shot down by being told the dealer was busy.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, IG-76 listened in on the verbal assault the Gotal was receiving. It seemed the obviously-drunk patrons were mad at him for failing to keep their regular booth open, even after receiving a bribe ahead of time. The Gotal, who was clearly the owner at this point, explained that the booths were a “first come, first served” deal and that sometimes he couldn’t keep them open if demand was high.

The droid, attempting to end the argument so it could question the bartender, asked if it could get served. This enraged the drunks, who were clearly unable to comprehend why a non-organic being would be in a drinking establishment. Kraln stepped in, asking why his droid had not gotten his drink for him yet. The drunks’ tempers flared and they grabbed Omacala’s apron to yank him in closer. They then turned to the Chiss and told him to mind his own business.

Things were about to get messy, but luckily a booth opened up and the drunks, happy to finally be getting what they wanted, hobbled over to it, but not without threatening the droid and its “owner” one last time.

Omacala asked the duo what he could get them, and when they replied “Information!” the Gotal laughed and said “For a price.” Unfortunately, his price was too high. IG-76 was quick to “ask” how much keeping his establishment in one piece was worth to him, but the bartender once again let out a hearty laugh, telling the droid that its intimidation tactics were of no consequence, seeing as he dealt with harsher threats on a daily basis.

Realizing they weren’t going to get any information out of the stubborn club owner, Kraln switched tactics and ordered “whatever Speng drinks”. Omacala didn’t catch on to the ruse, and served him a Pan Galactic Gargleblaster. Kraln paid for the beverage but did not drink it. IG-76 scanned the nearby tables for suspicious characters that might aid in their mission, and noticed two humans behaving in a bizarre fashion. One was a scared-looking man who sat alone at a table, and the other an angry-looking ruffian who also sat alone at a different table, his eyes burning holes into the other man’s back.

The droid led the Chiss to a nearby table, where their two compatriots joined them. It detailed its observations, and Shyvah went to sit at the scared man’s table. She attempted a conversation, but was continually ignored by the frightened patron. The others sat with the angry miscreant, who identified himself as Sol, and discovered that he had followed the other man into the club in order to kill him when the time was right. Apparently, he had hired the man, Kyle, to slice into a slaver’s datapad to ensure he won a Twi’lek slave girl at a black market auction. Unfortunately, this did not happen and the girl was sold to another person. Enraged, Sol chased Kyle throughout Coruscant, ending in the club. He’d been waiting for two hours for Kyle to depart so he could make a move… but the slicer was so afraid that he refused to get up and leave.

Kraln noticed that, during the story, Sol’s eyes continually gazed at Shyvah and her “assets”. Knowing this to be a useful advantage, Kraln signaled her to join them and further distract the angry man. She did so, and as Sol began falling in love, IG-76 and Rikoo used their stealth skills to sneak Kyle out the back without anyone noticing. Outside, Kyle thanked them and promised to pay them back. Without missing a beat, the duo told the slicer to go to Chopper’s garage and wait for further instructions.

Back inside, Speng was finally free, so the bouncer motioned to the two Chiss to step into his booth. They did so, and found the spice dealer to be a lanky, weasely-looking human male. He got straight to business, saying he didn’t recognize them. They said they were new in town and wanted information. Speng snickered and reminded them that he was a dealer, not an infochant. Kraln offered Speng his Pan Galactic Gargleblaster, which pleased the man enough to offer to sell information for 200 credits.

Trying to further get on the dealer’s good side, the Chiss purchased some death sticks (and got a discounted price for being a first timer). The price for information stood, however, so Kraln excused himself momentarily to get additional credits from the droid and the Wookiee, who were waiting with the bouncer at the top of the stairs now. First, however, he ordered an additional drink for Speng from a hover waiter droid. It quickly returned with the cocktail, and Kraln realized he could spike the drink with a death stick. How to do so without being seen by the bouncer, however? The answer came in the form of IG-76 being pushed down the stairs by the bouncer after an attempt to bypass the Klatooinian ended in failure. Taking advantage of the distraction, Kraln spiked the drink. He then collected credits from Rikoo.

Back in the booth, Speng consumed the drink and began hallucinating almost immediately. This allowed the Chiss team to pay the dealer for information with less credits than originally agreed upon, as well as a few ration packs to satiate his newly developed munchies. Unfortunately, his high resulted in increased paranoia and he suddenly panicked. He hit his emergency button, and the booth’s curtain was almost immediately torn open by two human thugs who had been sitting guard in a nearby booth. They threw both Chiss out onto the ground and aimed blasters at their heads. “Get away from Speng!” they shouted.

Quick to draw, Shyvah blasted her assailant straight through his nether regions (see: taint), ending his life in the process. Distracted by his friend’s death and the sudden overwhelming amount of screams coming from panicked customers, the other thug had his blaster shot out of his hand by a well-placed rifle shot, courtesy of IG-76. Kraln wasted no time in kicking the blaster off the balcony and, as his attacker tried jumping over to a nearby girder, shot him in the groin, sending his limp body, fiery/bloodied crotch and all (see: taint), to the ground below.

Back on the ground floor, the two bouncers who weren’t helping clients evacuate took cover behind an overturned table and took a few shots at Rikoo and IG-76. They missed and instead ignited various curtains and parts of the wall. The enraged Wookiee threw a frag grenade behind the table, and the two Klatooinians were turned to ash… save for their reproductive organs (and taints), which for some bizarre reason did not seem to combust.

During the confusion, Speng managed to run out the back door. As the party figured out what to do, Omacala stood up from his hiding place being the bar, and shouted incessant insults at them, blaming them for turning his club into a flaming mess. IG-76 turned to him and said “I warned you.”

CHAPTER 4: Pants

Shyvah and Rikoo raced out the back door while the other two stayed behind to loot bodies and see if they might find helpful information. As they exited the alleyway onto the streets, they noticed something in another alley across the street. They ran to it: pants. Speng’s pants, to be precise. The spice-addled human must have removed them in his disillusioned state. Entering the dark crevice between buildings, they encountered a vagrant who introduced himself as Sir Wil’fred Lo’ree Ay. He was a strange man. He excitedly pointed down to the end of the alley, saying that the pantless man went that way. Also that his hands were covered in some sort of mud.


Following the strange man’s advice, they bolted down the alley and back onto a street, where they followed the mud prints only to realize Speng, with his hallucinations, was heading back into the club. Communicating with their accomplices inside, they managed to secure Speng as he walked through the door. They bound his hands with a pair of binders and led him out to their speeder. They were going to question him away from prying eyes.

As they were stuffing him into the trunk, a squad of CUP droids arrived at the club on swoop bikes to investigate the disturbance and firefight. They immediately ordered the band of thieves to stop, but they were already driving off in the opposite direction in order to avoid being captured. A chase ensued and Rikoo, piloting the vehicle, managed to swerve in and out of street traffic expertly without incident as he tried to get him and his comrades out of harm’s way. The others fought off the cops one at a time, shooting them from the passenger seats. They managed to destroy two, although one of them flew into citizens, a mother and her two children, before exploding in a spectacular fashion. The last two cops tried riding behind another vehicle in order to shield themselves from the group’s attacks, but Rikoo slammed on the brakes and, once he found his vehicle right next to the two bikes, hit the gas and swerved the speeder into them. They plowed into one another and exploded.

After the chase, they made their way to Chopper’s and parked the vehicle in the rear lot.

Episode I: Under a Black Sun - Part I: No Easy Jobs


After successfully infiltrating a skyscraper on level 1315 of the Corsucant undercity, a band of five thieves made their way to its top floors, where a Black Sun office, fronting as a finance company’s HQ, was located. Noxghar, the group’s resident technology expert, sliced into the Black Sun data network and located what they were after: an encrypted data file that contained a list of various operatives Black Sun regularly dealt with. Thanks to his unmatched skill, the Drall had no problems downloading the information onto a data chip. Thanks to his unmatched ego, however, he failed to take into account a few notable security protocols that had been put in place to guard such a sensitive document.

Klaxons began to ring, and the crew knew their time was up. Running footsteps could be heard coming from the floor above, a sure sign that trigger-happy enforcers would soon be upon them. Without hesitation, the five amigos quickly grabbed their gear and headed for the stairwell. Knowing full well that they had no chance to make it back down to the ground floor, they took the nearest emergency exit, which led them to a rooftop landing pad. Panic-stricken, they looked around for means of escape. The only viable option was a nearby open-roof airlimousine, its vast seats making it the only nearby vehicle capable of carrying them all away together. Unfortunately, its pilot droid was already taking off, undoubtedly on its way to pick up customers. Suddenly, the door they had just come through flew open, a slew of Black Sun thugs pouring out onto the pad.

“There they are”, shouted the biggest one. “Don’t let them escape!”

In unison, the thugs unloaded their weapons on the unsuspecting thieves, forcing them to abandon all rational thought and make a run for the departing speeder. With incredible skill, all five jumped from the platform and landed safely within the airlimousine. The droid, being a basic service bot, did not deviate from its duties or notice its new passengers. As it drove into the infamously busy Coruscant traffic lanes below, a blaster bolt shot straight through its dome, knocking it out of commission and sending the vehicle into a downward spiral through the throngs of speeders, buses, and holodisplays below. Shocked, our motley crew turned to see who had shot their improvised getaway driver: six Black Sun thugs on swoop bikes were in hot pursuit.


Thanks to his quick reflexes and piloting skills, not to mention Noxghar’s assistance, the group’s Wookiee, Akcharikoo, managed to regain control of the speeder in order to help Shyvah and Kraln, two Chiss with weapons expertise, deal with their pursuers. A few well-placed shots resulted in one thug losing his gun to the depths below, and another crashing into one of his bike mates. Luckily, there weren’t too many assailants to deal with, seeing as Pol, the Bothan with the silver tongue, managed to fool the dimmest of them into backing off thanks to a well-placed lie over the limousine’s PA system. This, however, led to him getting a blaster bolt through the right arm, crippling his bicep. Thankfully, one of his teammates was able to patch him up in order to restore his appendage to working order. He’ll have to be careful with it for the next few days, however, as it might still be sensitive.

After clearing the skies of Black Sun scum, our heroes received an encrypted transmission on their comlinks, instructing them to return the stolen data to the Besalisk mechanic that had hired them for the job. Without hesitation, they did just that and arrived at Chopper’s garage without incident. Unless you consider their airlimousine sputtering, whining, dying, and waking up a nearby homeless man upon their arrival an incident.


Once inside, they were greeted by a very enthusiastic Chopper, who was glad to see they had made it back in one piece. They, however, were less enthused and proceeded to unload upon him a barrage of complaints and questions. This allowed a certain sticky-fingered Drall to get his hands on an aqua rebreather that was lying on top of a nearby junk pile.

Leading everyone to his musky office, Chopper apologized for the subpar intel he was given and promised that the next part of the job would be easier: identify and locate a bounty hunter that had recently betrayed the Pyke Syndicate, and bring him back dead or alive. His name was sure to be in the file the team acquired.

Borrowing a datapad, Noxghar proceeded to decrypt the stolen data file in order to find a name. During this time, the team asked how much money they would be getting for this gig. Chopper said the Pykes would pay them 1500 each, or 2000 each if the bounty hunter was brought in alive. They also asked if he’d heard through his contacts if Black Sun was searching for them; all he’d caught on the HoloNet News was that the Coruscant Underworld Police (undoubtedly in Black Sun’s pocket) were searching for unidentified robbers who had broken into a finance company’s office earlier that night.

Shortly afterwards, Noxghar nonchalantly reported that he had cracked the file and found the data they were looking for. He also found the following:

  • Various messages between Black Sun operatives that suspected the bounty hunter had only sold them a portion of his total spice haul
  • Portions of corrupted messages that mentioned Zelcomm Tower’s 4th floor terrace, as well as a supposed “secret” way of getting into its underground levels via street level
  • A list of codenames, military ranks, and associated credit values

Handing the datapad back to Chopper, the Besalisk read the information on the bounty hunter to the group:

  • His name was Kaa’to Leeachos
  • He was a green-skinned Nikto male, who was formerly bound in servitude to the Hutts. After gaining his freedom, he made a reputation with a number of high-risk, unauthorized bounties.
  • Notes said he was a reliable operative because he was a skilled marksman and deadly fighter.

Chopper then stood up and said he had seen him recently at both the Umbra Club and the Spyder.

Digging deep into their memories, various members of the team recalled information on the Umbra Club and Zelcomm Tower, while Pol provided information on the Spyder sabacc parlor, seeing as his clanmate currently owned it and he had spent his first few nights on Coruscant there.

Realizing they’d need a new mode of transportation to get around the city, the team managed to strike a “bargain” with Chopper in order to lay claim to a new speeder. Unfortunately for them, this new speeder was old, clunky, noisy, and smelly. On top of that, it could only fit three individuals comfortably. A Wookiee was probably not taken into consideration when calculating those numbers. However, Chopper was nice enough to include two stimpacks in the glove compartment.

Shyvah and Kraln, being the forward-thinking strategists their species are known for being, stole a bottle of Gamorrean ale from Chopper’s fridge and used it to successfully bribe the local homeless man, ensuring he had “never seen them”.

As the group reunited in the rear lot of the garage to scowl at the sight of their new, biologically-stained ride, they noticed approaching police droids. Eager to avoid drawing attention to themselves, they decided to quickly depart on foot for the nearby Spyder parlor.


Once at the sabacc parlor, Shyvah made her way to the bar while the men sat at a nearby table. They each ordered a glass of Corellian brandy (except for Noxghar, who ordered water, much to the chagrin of his fellow males) from a waiter droid and began casing the joint in the hopes of spotting Kaa’to. Unfortunately, he was nowhere in sight.


Korsin Fenn, Pol’s clanmate, sat down at their table to greet his friend and newfound compatriots. After a little convincing, he explained that Kaa’to was banned from the parlor because he owed the establishment 20 000 credits after a streak of bad luck at the tables. Apparently, he’d offered him a shipment of spice to settle the debt, but Korsin refused to get involved in illegal activity… especially after overhearing his Black Sun regulars stating they were waiting for a similar shipment.

Back at the bar, Shyvah made a new friend: Pillaat and Nerro, the Troig bartender. After buying both heads a shot, he explained that Black Sun operatives frequented the bar a lot, and that many other unsavory people spent hard-earned credits within its walls. His stories were so interesting, that Shyvah failed to notice she was leaning in a little too eagerly, effectively invading a seated patron’s personal space. He drunkenly told her to back off.

Back at the table, and after explaining to Korsin how helping them catch Kaa’to could benefit him, our band of miscreants managed to convince the Bothan to spread the word that he had found spice buyers. Hopefully, this would help them locate the bounty hunter easily and potentially trap him. Korsin then promised the group a lump sum of 1000 credits as a “thank you” if they could make an example of the bounty hunter. He also mentioned that convincing Black Sun that Kaa’to was a known double-crosser might make them take care of him, or at least weaken him to make things easier for the group. He then pointed out a known Black Sun underboss, and two of his thugs, sitting at a sabacc table.

Taking matters into their own hands, Kraln sat down and dealed himself into the Black Sun game, while Pol provided “moral support”. Noxghar decided the time was right to go relieve himself in the refresher, and Akcharikoo went to go make sure Shyvah wasn’t getting into trouble.

Kraln lost a few credits, but thanks to his skillful playing and Pol’s tactic of being a loudmouth who couldn’t help but mention Kaa’to, the underboss allowed them a brief audience in order to hear what they so obviously wanted to say. While dubious, the underboss accepted their advice that Kaa’to would undoubtedly betray his organization, and promised he would send agents to interrogate him. He then introduced himself as Varannis and, as he left, thanked them for their tip. He provided his personal comlink frequency to Pol, promising he would repay them should they ever require his assistance in the future. He also promised they’d be welcome at his sabacc table should they ever desire a rematch.

Episode I: Under a Black Sun


Coruscant. The heart of the galaxy.

This planet-spanning city is the seat of the Empire’s power and home to over a trillion individuals. Even under the iron grasp of the Imperial forces, the sheer size of Coruscant makes it attractive to those who hope to make their fortunes, whether through legitimate enterprise or less-than-legal means. The duracrete streets and towers not only cover most of the planet’s surface, but also permeate its inner layers.


Thousands of subterranean districts, known as levels, can be found beneath the glitz and glamour above, in what is collectively known as the undercity, or underworld. Its citizens never see daylight or the stars, and are cursed to live in perpetual darkness.

You have been assembled by a common contact, Chopper, to infiltrate a Black Sun-operated skyscraper on undercity level 1315 in order to access its top floor, slice into its computer network, and steal information for their rivals, the Pyke Syndicate.

Picture5.pngThe Pyke Syndicate consists of a network of spice dealers made up of members of the Pyke species, who operate out of their home planet, Oba Diah, as well as numerous outposts across the galaxy.

They reached out to Chopper, who is in their debt, and instructed him to assemble a team for the job that could not be traced back to them. Obviously, he picked you lot. This is your first time meeting one another, and, for many reasons, have little to no knowledge about each other… not even your names.


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