Korsin Fenn

Suave sabacc parlor owner.


Owner of the Spyder sabacc parlor, and clanmate to Pol Me’Krey.



Korsin owns the Spyder sabacc parlor and practically lives there, overseeing the operations and resolving disputes.

He is a very reserved individual, but warms quickly to anyone who proves trustworthy.

He is very fond of his fellow Bothans, such as his clanmate Pol.

He values the confidence his clients have in him regarding their privacy, and knows that it is key to good business. He will not divulge information readily.

He has banned Kaa’to Leeachos from his establishment until the Nikto can pay back the 20 000 credits he owes. He knows he will probably never see that money, so he has accepted a deal with the PCs to spread word that he knows of spice buyers in the hopes this will lure the bounty hunter out of hiding. If the PCs can deal with the scumbag in order to make an example of him, he will pay the group a sum of 1000 credits as a thank you.

Korsin Fenn

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