The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part III

While Lod is passed out on the ship, and Rikoo is being held captive by mysterious strangers somewhere on the Hub…
(ie: Paul and Yan couldn’t make it)

Upon discovering the Yiyar’s interest in the mysterious lost ship, the Sa-ala-nor, Shyvah and Glak return to Isotek to inform Rom that his competitors are interested in the same thing (and maybe looking for more hand-outs).
Isotek has been blown to hell, everything is a mess, there are scorch marks on the walls and the furniture is broken.
The robot has been decapitated (Glak stifles a giggle), and although the head was found, the robot’s memory cannot be salvaged.

While looking in Rom’s office, Shyvah found some kind of plastic storage device in a broken statue on the floor. She concealed it in her pocket just as the Hub security arrived to see what had happened.
The two spoke to the guards to explain that they were working for Rom, and were free to go as long as they stopped by the security office to make a statement later.

Glak hacked the computer in the hangar to see what could be found. Failed to find the video records, but managed to erase the note that they had to stop by the security office. They didn’t notice the maintenance droids coming and going until they had been to the ship and left. Only saw them leaving, not sure what was done to the ship.

Added a protection device between the computer and the memory device they found, and could see that it is a ledger of all of Rom’s illegal expenses, shipping reports and things like that. Could not hack it completely, so the names and numbers were not present in most cases, no complete records from it but there were some common names like the Pikes, the Hutts, and other people of less than noble intent.

Went to see the bartender after that, found out Rikoo was taken by Imperial spies (ISB), also gave us a recommendation at Farlander’s (tell him C’Lo sent us).

Went to Farlander’s and talked to his assistant, Knolls. We purchased a tent, glow rod, and survival kit (includes lantern, glow rod, thermal cloak, 10 ration packs, etc.). Was 410, offered for 350 which we took. Also threw in 3 charge cells for the glow rods.

Shyvah took the tent, I took the survival kit (5 enc.) and moved them to the ship.

  • -175 credits from Glak and Shyvah to pay for this. Also spent 5 credits for a drink at the bar.

While at the ship, Rikoo showed up, looking dishevled and had some kind of weird petal stuck to him, from an exotic flower.
Called She-Ra once we realized the droid was late, but she had sent it to Isotek with some bodyguards.
Went to Isotek and the guards were uncontious. In the distance we see the Rodians taking the droid on a grav sled.
4 Rodians as guards, plus a head Rodian, and a Sulustan driving. Seeing us, they start to high-tail it out of there, not caring who they hit.

Shyvah was in the lead (after Glak slipped) and got shot up by the Rodians.
We had to fall back, but Shyvah spotted some barrels up ahead. Glak got a shot off that dropped the barrels on them, and leak fluid all over the sled, leaving a trail on the ground.

We fell back and followed the trail, which led to their ship. Glak hacked a computer, tried to put out a warrant for the arrest of the Rodians, but it backfired and the warrant was applied to our team! We’re wanted, but managed to delay the update by an hour.

Found the controls to the docking clamps, and jammed theirs so they can’t take off yet. Also found the schematics for the clamps so Glak knows more about how to disable ours.

  • +1 blue to mechanics check on clamps

Also looked up plans for their type of ship, and we found a weak point.

  • need to use an aimed maneuver, doubles the disabling strain on the ship

While on the ship, did some medical stuff to fix up Shyvah.

Where we stand, Rikoo and Lod are resting on the ship, but should be back up to speed by the next session.
After all the computer shenanigans we should have a 1/2 hour left before we become wanted by the police for murder.

+10 xp, +2 to Glak for droid hatred



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