The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part II

Session notes from December 2nd:

On The Wheel, we have 8 hours until the motherf&#king droid arrives.
Rom previously indicated the planet of Chulgara was a jungle and not very friendly, so we need to look into survival gear.

  • We each receive 250 credits from Shy’vah for the 1000 credit down payment.

Went into the droid shop, met San, a Sulustan, who had a shop full of half broken droids to repair.
A Gand customer came in and yelled at her because his R2 unit wasn’t fixed. I agreed to help out in return for a tool kit.
Fixed the hell out of it, got some info on the other shops from her:
Farlander is a dick, but he’s got a little assistant who is nice, he has some survival stuff we might need, some merch in better shape than others.
Brun runs the cafe, he’s an Alderaanian, hangs out with other Alderaanians in the cafe sometimes, mood gets violent then, very anti-Imperial
Hal’s Pars has ship upgrades and items, he is hard of hearing, but has an assistant named Nix. His cargo people are around with their lifts, going through the Wheel, could talk to them if we don’t want to deal with Hal directly.

  • +1 Tool Kit

We went to Hal’s to see if there was anything we could add to the ship to help with visibility in a jungle environment (heard of Luke’s problems on Dagobah and don’t want to repeat his mistake). Shy’vah was in line but we didn’t see anything in the store, so we left.
Riku had spotted a Rodian who was a little too interested in us, and tried to follow him/her but lost it (we tried to follow Riku and distracted him, oops).

Shy’vah went to Sonou’s Apparel, bought a backpack for herself, climbing gear for herself, Glak, and Lod (Riku had it already). 1/3 off, but not good quality.
She suggested trying Farlander’s for tents and other survival stuff.

Riku went to see if Dak was at the bar again to get more info. He charged 15 credits a question, but we learned:
People go to Chulgana for hunting expeditions, but there are no known settlements there (good cover though).
He has received questions about the Sa-Ala-Nor from the Yiyar, and the pod that we inspected that Rom has.

Meanwhile, Glak hacked into a terminal in the common hanger, saw the security footage of the Rodian, and figured out that he went to the hanger where the NightFlyer was parked. There are a bunch of the Yiyar hanging out there, not doing anything but sitting on crates and stuff. They are a family of salvagers, probable comptetition to Rom.

As Riku went to leave the bar, a well dressed gentleman approached him, said he had heard him asking about the Sa-Ala-Nor, and would like Riku to follow him. Two other well dressed gentlemen walked up behind Riku and put guns in his back, leading him away.

For next time:
Rescue the wookiee (or the gentlement, depending on your perspective)
Get tents and survival stuff from Farlander (clothing to look like a hunter from Sonou’s?)
Tell Rom about the Yiyar clan’s interest in his pod and the Sonofawhore
We have 3 hours left until the motherf&%king droid gets here

  • +10xp



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