The Fine Line

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part XI

Game notes, March 6th, 2016

When we last left our heroes, the Aluminium Falcon was perched (see what I did there?) on an uneven rocky surface.
Using the data collected, they can narrow the list of 6 crash sites down, but will need to be airborne to do so.
This will be a problem since a thunderstorm like Thor’s diarhea is crashing down around them. Verily.
After the harrowing landing and investigation of the pod, the team takes a few minutes to regroup and do some healing.
As they are getting things back in order, lightning hits the ship, knocking out the main systems and going on emergency power.
Rikoo went off to feed and water the prisoner, who complained about his treatment.
Glak and Lod went to the cockpit where Shyvah had shut the door to keep the bugs in.
In a display of Olympic coordination, they open the door just long enough to burst in and then slam it shut without releasing any bugs.
Getting a closer look at the bugs, they can see they have a venomous stinger and a poison gland, probably a good idea not to get stung but they don’t know how bad it actually is. This kind of creature usually has a hive mind mentality, but are more passive since their queen is not around. They can be quite agressive if threatened however.
Lod pulls a bag out of some compartment in his belt, and they decide to try to throw the arm with the bugs on it in the bag, since they are all in one place at the moment.
Lod holds the bag and Glak tries to put the arm in quickly, but slips and accidentally throws the arm towards Shyvah.
Shyvah’s bounty hunter instincts kick in, literally, as she kicks the arm off the floor, right into the bag. They shut it and close it, putting it in a hold for future use.
Diving into the mechanics of the systems, Glak gets the ship power back up and operational, fixing a few systems that may have failed in the future at the same time (triumph).
Doing a bit of masterful computer work, Lod finds 3 probable spots out of the 6 potential ones.
Shyvah goes to see the prisoner to question her bounty – which she did not capture herself.
Gideon tries to convince her that he needs to use the refresher and wants out. Shyvah is fine with him soiling himself.
Rikoo finds a quiet place on the ship and meditates, trying to locate the disturbance he felt before.
It seems to be a cave on the other side of the planet, as he sees flashes of it in his mind. There seem to be some weird old structures in the cave, but he can’t make out specifics from his visions.
Shyvah questions Gideon about his past, digging for more information on a hit during the Ascendency. He’s seen some shit, but doesn’t admit to having anything to do with the hit in question. She tries to coerce him to reveal the information, but his opinion is not swayed.
While Lod is looking stuff up on the ship’s computer in the cockpit, the whole canopy suddenly goes dark, as if something dark has been thrown over it. Taking a closer look, it appears to be moving, unlike any kind of fabric.
The ship suddenly shifts, and groans like the metal is being squeezed but something.
Glak and Lod take up the bottom and top guns, respectively.
Glak takes a blind shot at the jungle nearby to see if anything happens. The canopy still remains dark, and the ship makes a noise like it is being squeezed harder.
Rikoo opens his senses and can feel that this is an oranic creature that has latched onto the ship, but can’t get much more of a mental picture.
He goes to the top hatch to have a look, and lifts himself up just far enough to see.
It looks like a giant furry spider with octopus tentacles has covered the cockpit, and has some tentacles reaching across the ship.
The creature is hanging from a nearby tree with two tentacles, and the others are grabbing the ship with large spikes at the end of the tentacles.
It sees Rikoo with one of it’s eyes, and makes a lunge for him, but Rikoo gets back inside in time with a little strain.
Glak jumps in the cockpit and fires up the engines, which unfortunately does not scare the creature.
He attemps to take off and drag the octopus/spider thing off. In a skillful bit of piloting, he uses the creature’s own force against it and dislodges the tentacles and spikes from the ship, sailing free as the creature is thrown back onto the tree branch, spinning around like a window blind that has been snapped up too quickly.
Glak dodges the lightning until he can see an adequate landing spot, which isn’t far from one of the crash points.
He lands the ship in a clearing that is hopefully octopus free.

+10xp for all

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part X

Game notes from February 24th, 2016

While devising the plan to get to the pod, Lod gets space narcolepsy and falls asleep.
Dumping him in the crew quarters, the noise wakes up Shy’vah.

Considering their options, they go with the Mission Impossible plan (a favourite Correlian show they all used to watch).
Rikoo being the stongest, he goes out on the ramp and ties one end of the rope on the hydraulic ramp strut, and the other end to Shy’vah (the lightest).
Glak has to steady the ship a bit as Rikoo lowers Shy’vah down.
Shy’vah is strained a little trying to keep her balance while being lowered, possibly due to seeing a spider.
Getting closer to the pod, Shy’vah can see the lettering 34-B on it, and that there are vines growing all over it.
The metal surface seems to be shifting, like there’s something moving on it…

Rikoo lowers Shy’vah more to get a better look, and Glak moves the ship a bit more towards the rock wall.
Upon closer inspection, the pod is covered in thousands of green flying spiders, which Shy’vah identifies as snoobergleeglobers (or snoobs).
They have stingers, and will probably swarm whatever startles them.

Putting a foot out, Shy’vah steadies herself to try to shoot the jungle around the pod.
(triumph) She manages to skim a shot off of some dry dead vegetation, starting a short burn fire that scares all the bugs off the pod.
The fire goes out quickly, leaving Shy’vah and the pod unharmed.

With the pod clear of the bugs, Shy’vah spots an arm bone on the pod, and blood stains on the hatch.
There also appear to be claw marks on the metal, like something was trying to get inside.
(triumph) Going for the door, Shy’vah does a forward kick flip on the rope and lands perfectly on top of it.
With Shy’vah out of danger, Rikoo finds a way to secure the rope on the ramp, so it is more stable and there is less risk for him as well.

Popping open the hatch, Shy’vah is greeted by a skeleton near the entrance. This startles her so much she is unnerved for the rest of her pod exploration time.
The skeleton is near the back of the pod, and it looks like the person was crushed.
There is also a computer in the back, but there is a lot of moss on it, and it has corroded quite a bit.
Shy’vah can also hear some small skittering noises, like there may be some of the snoobs still in the pod.
Trying to get to the computer, Shy’vah climbs over the skeleton and accidentally knocks his arm off.

The computer itself is long past any state of usage, but the storage device seems to be intact, if she can remove it.
As she has moved to the back of the pod, the part hanging out over the chasm, the pod moves a little and Shy’vah hears an ominous rock-on-metal grinding sound.
Stabilizing herself in the pod, she tries to remove the storage device.
Not knowing her own strength, she pulls a little too aggressively and damages part of the device, possible affecting some of the files.

The wind kicks up outside, and the ship shifts slightly, scraping the cliff side.

  • +1 hull trauma, 9/22

With the storage device in hand, the pod really starts to shift now, and Shy’vah makes a run for the exit.
Sliding under some debris, then vaulting over the skeleton (grabbing the fallen arm on the way by), she leaps out of the pod and onto the rope just as it slides free and tumbles down into the chasm below.
Rikoo hauls her up, stabilizing himself half way, and Glak pulls the ship away from the cliff and gives her a little altitude to keep from being rocked by the winds so much.

Once on the ship, Shy’vah gets in the pilot seat and gives the storage device to Glak to investigate. She proudly mounts her retrieved arm on the dashboard of the Falcon.
Rikoo goes to check on our captive bounty, and may or may not have defecated on him. We’ve stopped questioning wookiee customs.

In the engineering bay, Glak tries to adapt the storage device to some kind of interface with the ship computer.
(triumph) While checking out various ports and connections on the device, Glak opens a panel to find that the device has been equiped with a removable universal interface adapter, which can be used on any legacy tech device.
Glak starts to transfer the files off the device onto the ship computer for analysis.

Up in the cockpit, Shy’vah sees some kind of blob in the distant sky, like a flock of some kind of creature, and it’s heading towards them.
It is in the opposite direction from the potential crash sites, so she swings the ship around and starts to head away from it at a resonable speed so as to not throw everyone around while they are doing their respective tasks.

Despite usually not wanting the droid around him, Glak calls IT in to check the files with him, but only if he keeps his mouth shut when not needed.
Looking at the data, they find the location of the ship when the pod was launched, and the trajectory of the pod. Using this data, they may be able to determine which way the ship was heading.
They also find 2 audio files and a holovid.
Audio file 1 (a lot of static, cannot make out everything): man yelling in Basic Damn you! Damn you to hell for abandoning us! You’re all cowards! If I find you, I’m going to choke the life out of you! (IT3PO identifies the voice as Captain Harsol)
Audio file 2 has been too damaged to be processed as a result of the rouch handing of the storage device.
Holovid: The video shows the inside of the pod, and it seems to be shaking violently. 3 humans are freaking out, “god damn Harsol for dragging us out here with this greedy scheme of his”, “it’s that Cratala chick, with her polical motivations, she’s been plotting against Harsol and developing things in that lab directly against the chancellor’s wishes!”

Flying away from the dark blob of whatever that is chasing them, the ship flies into a large storm that reduces visibility and starts to push the ship around. Lightning can be seen hitting nearby. Shy’vah comms the other two to let them know it’s going to get rough, and she’s going to attempt to land.
The sensors are no help, and she can’t see much, but she’s going to try to put them down before they get knocked down.
Diving down through the storm, dodging lighting the whole time, Shy’vah aims for the jungle below, and pulls up just in time to drop the Falcon into a clear landing area.
The thump of the landing moves the skeleton arm a little, and a few of the green bugs fly out from their hiding place inside it. There was much arm flailing and cursing.

With the data transfer done, they can now start to analyse the data for the location of the Sa-ala-nor.

+10 xp for each character for time played
+2 xp for all for role playing
+2 xp to Yan for continuing to play though a power outage

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part IX

Game notes from February 15th, 2016

Lod finally awakens from his slumber at an insistent Glak going “heal me heal me heal me…”.

  • Glak healed for 2, currently has 2 wounds and 1 critical (2 purple to heal)

Looking through the spoils of their previous encounter, Lod takes one of the spare heavy blasters and a breath mask, and his 250 credits from the advance they got from Isotek.
3 days have passed (4 days for crit heal for Rikoo, 6 for Glak), and they are making their hyperspace jump for the last leg of the trip to Chulgana.
Distributing the load, Lod takes the wilderness survival kit.
During the trip, they call IT3PO up to the cockpit to ask more questions about the ship or anything that might be helpful.
Concerned about the previous references to guardian battle droids, Glak asks about any computer ports on the outside of the ship.
According to IT, the only ports on the outside are for astromech droids, so Glak can’t use them (neither can “the useless rust bucket” IT3PO, according to Glak).
Lod asked it about any kind of emissions the ship may have had, or may have been leaking, as a form of tracking. The ship was in fine condition and does not vent any kind of chemical or radiation, as far as IT’s faulty dust covered memory circuits can remember (according to Glak).
As soon as they emerge from hyperspace, they find themselves surrounded in some kind of fog or cloud, and can’t see anything.
It is also causing the sensors to go haywire, so they have no idea where the planet is.
Worse, they hear something solid hit the ship.
Glak stops the ship so they don’t fly right into something big and more solid than they are.
They still hear small hits like gravel pinging off the ship.
Glak tweaks the sensors but can’t see anything. Lod gives it a try and is able to get them working better.
Just then something larger hits the ship… they need to get out of here before they get pulverized.

  • Aluminum Falcon hull trauma +3, now 8/22

Rikoo seems pensive, and feels something out there (but uses the dark side).
Lod looks out the windows and notices a meteor float by in the dust. They are in a meteor belt.
Using the sensors they can see flickers of life to the port, starbord, and… down.
Lod peers though the meteor storm and notices it seems clearer in the downward direction.
Glak fires up the engines at a moderate pace and flies down according to Lod’s detailed directions (“fly down”).
A big meteor hits the ship again, knocking it off course, straining the engines to get it back on course without flying into anything else.

  • Aluminum Flacon ship strain +1, now 2/15

Stepping on it to avoid the chance of hitting more meteors, they come out of the storm to find Chulgana down below them.
Through the cloud cover they can see the lush jungle below. Finding what they’re looking for won’t be easy.
Using the Isotek pod information as reference, they try to narrow down their search, first finding out it is in the norther hemisphere.
Narrowing down the quadrant, Lod finds there are 6 possible areas to search over an 80km stretch of jungle, where there may be large ship debris.
Lod also notices something interesting on the outskirts of the 80km zone.
Rikoo reaches out through the Force and senses something that is on the other side of the planet, which will take them a long time to get to and back from (day to a day and a half). After a short debate, they determine that the ship should be the top priority, since there may be others coming for it. We can check out the Force location on the way out, if they are able to.
They start with the interesting blip on the outskirts, Glak flying while Lod keeps an eye out for whatever it might be.
It seems to be coming from a deep river chasm that is covered with trees and jungle on either side.
Checking the sensors, Lod finds something on the western wall. Glak maneuvers the ship down for a closer look, but a strong wind kicks up and knocks the ship out of balance.
Before he can recover, Glak runs the front spokes against the wall, clearing off the jungle and the trees… and finding a metalic cylindrical object sticking out of the wall!
They can see it’s an escape pod, with the markings 34-Besh on it. IT confirms this pod may have come from the Sa-ala-nor.
The winds kick up again, and Glak tries to pull back a bit so they don’t hit the wall. The ship resists and even though they don’t hit, there is additional strain on the ship.

  • Aluminum Falcon ship strain +2 (4/15)

Looking for ways to access the pod, Lod notices a path that may lead to the cliff wall where they could repel down to it.
A quicker alternative would be if the wookiee lowers someone on a rope, and they repel over to it, while Glak keeps the ship steady.
Of course, they go with the mission impossible plan, and get the rope ready…

  • +10xp per player
Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part VIII

Games notes from February 8th, 2016

Due to the wounds suffered in the previous episode, Glak starts out by taking a stimpack.

  • Glak: 1 stimpack use (-5 wounds)

From the cockpit, Glak, Shy’vah, and Rikoo make their way to the airlock between the ships.
On the way, Shy’vah is not looking where she is going and knocks herself uncontious.
They sneak back onto the Aluminium Falcon, and put Shy’vah in the crew quarters nearby.
Rikoo and Glak hear banging from the forward hold, and go to investigate.
Opening the door, there is one of the pirates standing with his back to them, bent over a crate and going through its contents.
It looks like the banging was from the other boxes being knocked over and opened by him.
He seems completely engrossed in what he is doing, so Glak runs up and sticks a gun in his back, forcing him to surrender.
After a short debate if they should leave him alive or dead, they gag him with some nearby material, tie him up with rope, and shove him in a crate.
Sneaking towards the main hallway, they hear the sound of a cutting torch coming from the cockpit hallway.
A voice yells “Gideon, we’re almost through!”, implying Gideon is somewhere else in the ship.
Rikoo and Glak formulate a plan to vent the oxygen from the ship and knock them out, but Rikoo needs his breather mask.
He tries to sneak past the cockpit hallway, but the guy with the torch senses something and comes down the hallway to investigate.
Rikoo charges him with his axe, but the swing is wild and misses.
The pirate draws his pistol and takes a shot, missing but causing Rikoo to drop his axe.
Recovering from losing his axe, Rikoo whips out both vibroblades and jams them into the pirate’s eye sockets, killing him instantly.
Just as that happens, Gideon drops out of the tunnel leading to the gunner seats and charges Glak, vibrosword drawn.
He hits Glak hard, causing a critical injury (+1 purple on skill checks for the rest of the session, 2 purple to heal, “compromised” critical).
Glak fires on Gideon, hitting him in the arm and causing some damage, but the splash damage destroys the door panel next to him.
This causes the door between the main hallway and the cockpit hallway to slam shut, sealing Rikoo off from the fight.
Rikoo tries to contact IT3PO to get him to open the door. IT can’t do anything but a system reboot, which might help.
The reboot shuts off all the lights, but does cause the door to open a crack, enough for Rikoo to get a grip on it.
As he tries to open the door, Gideon runs down the hall to see if he can get reinforcements from the forward hold.
The door is too heavy, and Rikoo cannot move it enough to get through.
Glak pulls open the fried electrical panel and hotwires it to open the door, but it also causes the lights to come back on.
Gideon is now in the forward hold, but a bit of luck from the hotwiring causes the doors to slam shut temporarily.
Glak and Rikoo run back to the main hold as Gideon frees his man from the crate in the forward hold.
Gideon tries to open the door but fails, while the two heros formulate a plan.
Remembering the schematics, Glak realizes the forward loading bay of the ship is in the open compartment next to Gideon.
Hacking into the ship’s computer, he could probably override the safety checks and open the door, venting them into space.
However, Gideon is worth something to them…
They choose instead to negotiate with the other pirate in the forward hold, Stig.
“Hey Stig, we don’t have any problem with you, it’s your captain we want! Help us capture him, and you get the other ship and you’ll be the captain! We’ll let you go, no questions asked.”, Glak yells through the door.
After a brief pause, a scuffle is heard, including the clanging of a sword hitting the floor.
Opening the door, they find Stig has overpowered Gideon and has him pinned. Honoring their agreement, they let Stig leave.
Rikoo wants to blow up the other ship and kill the remaining people, but a little voice in the back of his mind reminds him of the Jedi code.
Taking Gideon captive, they put Shy’vah’s binders on him, tie him up, and lock him in a box. A quick search reveals his sword under a crate.
They search the other body and eject it into space.

1 vibrosword is taken by Rikoo for now, will see if Shy’vah wants it
1 utility belt taken by Rikoo
1 set of shock gloves taken by Glak

Put in a “for sale” pile on the ship:
2 heavy blasters
2 breath masks

In case of any funny business, Rikoo jumps in the turret while Glak fires up the engines and puts some distance between themselves and the ship.
Rikoo helps Glak heal his wounds slightly.

  • +10 xp for finishing the side quest
  • +10 xp for play experience
  • +2 xp to Glak for the Gideon conflict resolution
Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part VII

Notes from adventure session on January 27th, 2016

The team leaves the cargo hold with their gear, and heads to the airlock. They hear a voice on the intercom ask Bart to come to the cockpit.
They close it and Glak temporarily blocks the door from being opened, but will not last for long.
Heading to the upper deck, they first go to take care of the one crew member that should be in the crew quarters.
Walking quietly so they don’t attract attention, they get to the hallway where they have a choice of three doors.
Knowing the last one is Gideon’s quarters, they start by opening the first door, blasters drawn and set to stun (quieter).
Nobody was in the first room, so they move on to the second door.
In it was the Aqualish (Gno Gno) that Rikoo was fighting in the hallway, still pretty messed up and lying on a bed.
We stun him and tie him up, and Shyvah insists on gagging him with a pillow case.
She also searches him and finds 15 credits.

  • +15 cr to Shy’vah

Sneaking up to the cockpit, they open the door and there is a the human from the hallway (presumably Bart) talking to someone in a chair with his/her back to them.
They open fire with blasters on stun so they don’t shatter the transparisteel, Shy’vah stunning him with a critical hit,
Glak shoots, but in an unfortunate lack of luck, hits the e-reader in his arm pouch that has his space bible on it, and the shot ricochets wide.
The person in the chair attacks from cover, and he turns out to be a Twilek (Chalaka). He’s not using his stun setting, and gets a good hit on Glak’s arm.
Rikoo charges in and takes a whack at Bart, further injuring him. Bart tries to fight back, but due to the critical hit, he passes out from the effort and is down for the count. Rikoo leaps back out of the way.
Shyvah shoots the gun out of Chalaka’s hand, causing it to skitter across the room.
Glak gets a decent hit on Chalaka, which only seems to enrage him, as he lunges at Glak with a pair of shock gloves, getting him in the face for a little damage and stunning him a little.
Being in melee range now, Rikoo takes a heavy spinning swing at Chalaka and severs his head tentacles on the first pass, then buries the axe between his eyes on the second one, killing him.
They tie up the uncontious Bart, and Glak heals Shy’vah’s wounds. They attempt to do something about Glak’s wounds, but are unable to (left with 6 wounds still).

  • +10xp each player
Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part VI

Game notes, January 24th, 2016

Our band of scoundrels come-to in a small cell on the distressed ship.
It’s a traditional metal box with bars on the door, but also surrounded by an energy shield.
There are shield control panels on the wall, and on the outside of the cell (but within the barrier).
The pirate captain comes to check on us, introduces himself as Gideon, captain of the Fairialis.
He looks like a captain, puffy shirt, boots and all. He said they’re currently searching our ship.
He leaves 2 Wequay guards to watch over us, but they don’t really seem that interested and are having a conversation near the cell block entrance.
Shyvah gets an odd look on her face… she remembers seeing a bounty for him, he’s wanted for being part of the Sulani pirates.
It was a large bounty from what she remembers, but unsure if he needs to be delivered dead or alive.
Shyvah checked the cell and found a loose panel in the floor, and some metal shards that could be used as lock picks.
Rikoo bent the panel back with a little effort, and Shyvah slipped into the ventilation shaft underneath, givng the lock picks to Glak.
A Wequay guard came over to see us, but Shyvah had left her boots behind, conveniently positioned so it looked like she was sitting behind Rikoo.
The wookiee is so big the guard had no reason to doubt it, but Glak pretended to talk to her to sell it anyways and succeeded.
Shyvah gets near the guards in the vent, her stealth efforts aided by her lack of clunky old boots.
She throws something down the hall outside the cell block, distracting the guards who run down the hall to see what the noise was.
As she is doing that, Glak takes the opportunity to pick the lock and get the door open.
Shyvah jumps out of the vent and brings down the energy shield.
As the guards return, Rikoo prepares to jump on them, and Glak gets ready to grab either a blaster or vibroknife from one of them.
In an impressive show of strength, Rikoo knocks both of them uncontious as they come up to the room.
We retrieve 2 heavy blasters (going to Glak and Shyvah), and 2 vibroknives, which Rikoo is dual wielding.
Both guards had a breathing mask, taken by Glak and Shyvah since they won’t fit Rikoo’s furry head.
They throw the guards in the cell, relock it, and shut off the lights.
From a terminal across from the cell block, Glak gets in and gets a schematic of the ship.
At the front of the ship is a cockpit, with corridors leading down each side of the ship.
Several hallways intersect the ship. The first contains crew quarters and a med bay. Gideon’s is the last one on the right, but does not have traditional lock access, so it may have extra security like a key code.
The second hallway has the cell the team were trapped in, and the third leads to the engineering room in the back.
There is also a lower floor, accessible from each intersection in the main hallways.
On the end of the second hallway is the airlock back to their ship, and below the engineering room is the cargo hold.
When approaching the ship, they had detected 8 life forms. 2 of them are now locked up in the brig.
From the computer scanners, they were able to determine that 3 are still on the pirate ship, leaving 3 unaccounted for, and probably on the Aluminium Falcon.
We can also see that our gear was taken to the cargo hold, so the team heads down there first.
After Glak failed at using any kind of tracking skills to locate which locker or storage unit has our stuff, Shyvah used her perception to find it in a big chest. This also contained a bonus item for everyone.

  • +1 item each, can be rare due to pirates, max value of 500 credits

While we are in the cargo hold, Rikoo feels a calling from the Force. Folling his instincts, he finds a Jedi hollocron haphazardly throw into a storage unit. It’s obvious the pirates had no idea what they had found and considered it junk.

  • +1 hollocron for Rikoo

As the team restores their gear, they prepare for the next part of their plan: close off the airlock, take out the remaining 3 people on the ship, capture the pirate captain, and then take their ship back (looting what they can from the pirate ship, including Gideon’s quarters).

  • +10 xp
Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part V

Adventure notes from January 10th, 2016.

Started the game with an exciting round of healing.
Glak healed Rikoo, Rikoo attempted to heal Shyvah and … got nothing. No healing for you, Shyvah.
Glak examined the flower petal that was found on Rikoo, and it is from a Dantooinian Fly Trap. This is a common plant sold in most major space stations and core worlds. They seem to recall a woman at a stall on the Hub selling some.

  • When we get back to the Hub, find the woman with the flower cart, possible Imperial intelligence connections.

From the ship computer, we did a hull scan, but were unable to find anything unusual.
Glak ran a scan of the regular systems to make sure everything was operational, but needed IT3PO to interpret the results. Everything was normal, no problems with life support, etc.
Rikoo and Shyvah questioned the droid on what it knew about Chulgana, Captain Harsol, and his role in everything.

From the rust bucket:
The planet is used by big game hunters for safaris and such, but otherwise it is uninhabited, and is covered in jungle, as far as he knew from the databanks he studdied.
IT travelled with the captain, and doesn’t have specific information on the technology onboard, but that it is an advanced form of cybertek, such as new limbs, implants, and was a way of expanding into new fields and markets.
Rom’s father, Ropok, and Captain Harsol had a deal to work on this and expand the market together before the ships disappearance.
IT3PO was at Isotek when the Clone Wars ended and the ship had to make an emergency jump to avoid being captured by the Empire.
The Sa-nala-or is a “munificent” class star ship, very distinctive, named after a banker who used underhanded financial practices to make himself rich.
Harsol was a decorated war hero, smuggler, and had been arrested multiple times for dealing with the black market.
In terms of ship layout, it had many of the common areas expected from a ship of its class, but also had a restricted section and research lab near the center of the ship.
The ship had a compliment of battle droids, which may still be operational and following the last orders given by the captain.

The crew had a much deserved rest before plotting their next jump and getting their gear ready.
Shyvah and Rikoo take the two stim packs that were on the ship (one each), Rikoo took the glow rod from the survival kit.
However, as the crew were in the process of getting their gear ready, a distress call came in on the sensor array.
It was a recorded transmission: “…ship attacked by raiders, life support failing…” and cut off.
Tracing the transmission and flying to where it came from (Glak at the wheel, with Shyvah and Rikoo on the upper and lower cannons), they find what appears to be a damaged Fereallis TL1200 freighter spinning slowly in space, not under any guidance, with 8 life signs aboard.

Taking a quick tour around the ship and doing a quick mechanical examination, Glak can see that the gas venting from the ship is actually coming from an automated system, and is not the result of any damage to the ship.
Rikoo and Shyvah get their guns ready at the side port while Glak docks the ship.
Opening the airlock between them, they see a knee sticking out from a crate in the long hallway leading into the other ship. The power is out and there are only a few emergency lights flickering, making visibility difficult (except for Shyvah, who has Chiss-Vision™).
Rikoo goes down the hall to investigate as Glak shows up at the airlock with Shyvah, and it turns out the knee belongs to an Aqualish, who promptly tosses a gas grenade at them. How rude.
Glak assumes this is a case of mistaken identity and yells at them to stop, that they’re not the raiders, and they’re here to help.
Which does nothing, since… say it with me… IT’S A TRAP!
The Aqualish gets a lucky shot off and shuts the door between the two ships, isolating Rikoo.
Rikoo gets jumped on by the Aqualish and a human with shock gloves.
Glak manages to get the door back open, but the gas and stun shots from their opponents is too much.
Everyone ends up uncontious and captured!

  • +15xp for everyone
Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part IV


Before setting out to see about the droid, Glak tried to use his mechanics skills to remove the clamps from the ship.
The Force was not with him, and he failed miserably. So he tried to hack them with a datapad, and that didn’t do any better.
With the threat of the Yiyars leaving with the droid looming, the crew decides to try to assault the ship.
Glak and Shyvah are known to the guards, so they change clothing to try to avoid being spotted.

On the way to the private hanger, the trio is spotted by a guard who is questioning the barrel vendor.
The guard yells “Hey you, come here!”, but Glak sends a random pedestrian next to him over to talk to the guy, distracting him long enough for them to get away.
They go into the area outside the hanger, but the doors are shut, and the guard will be there soon.
The three take cover behind the crates, but the guard notices Glak’s foot sticking out from one of the corners.
Shyvah finds a rat, and bowls it over to the other side of the room, where it makes noise and runs away. The guard follows to investigate.
Covered by Rikoo and Shyvah, Glak tries to hotwire the door lock to get it open. The others have their weapons drawn, ready to bust in firing.
In a moment of great anti-climacticness, Glak is unable to get the door open, just as some of the Hub security investigating Isotek leave the office and will be within view momentarily. Shyvak and Glak loiter around, looking inconspicuous, while Rikoo climbs the crates to get out of sight.
Heading over to the terminal, Rikoo does some acrobatics to distract the crowd while Glak hacks into the door system and unlocks it.

Opening the door, the three sneak in and take cover, but the four Rodian minions notice them.
The Sulustan, Two-Low Tallo, and the Rodian leader, Yav Yiyar, are nowhere to be seen, but the ship’s ramp is down, and the clamps are still on.
Blaster fire is exchanged, and Rikoo closes in to use his axe.
In the ensuing fight, Yav comes down to the ramp entrance to see what is happening, and joins in the fight.
Rikoo gets critically hit, causing him to be disoriented (no blue bonuses in combat), will need to be healed or will apply for all further combat.
Shyvah also gets critially hit, an inconvenient wound that will take a one purple medical check to heal, but will not impair her abilities.
Rikoo gets another critical hit, but is not seriously hurt. The attack hit nothing but fur.
The ships engines fire up as they are getting ready to leave. Rikoo charges up the ramp and shoulders past Yav. Running into the engine room, he pulls out a block of explosive with a remote detonator and slaps it on the engine compartment.
Outside the ship, Glak and Shyvah take down another Rodian, leaving the last one very injured (the trio killing the others with a sucking neck wound, a blast to the head, and one with a blaster bold that went in one eye – riccocheted off the ship – and back out the other eye).
Yav runs into the ship after Rikoo and shoots him, using the temporary distraction to grab the explosive off the engine and shove it in his pants.
Rikoo is critically hit with an agonizing wound that will require a two purple medical check to heal. This wound affects all brawn and agility checks, adding one extra purple.
Taking a knife wound for the team, Rikoo shoves Yav into a critical weak point in the engine compartment, and runs for the door. On the way, IT3PO is in the hallway. Rikoo scoops him up, sprints past a Rodian minion, and down the ramp, triggering the explosive as he went.
The explosion takes out the engines on the ship, does unspeakable damage to Yav, melts the Rodian minion in the hallway, and the debris kills the last Rodian guard.

Rikoo shuts off 3PO and puts him on his back, covering him in his cloak, as the 4 make it back to their ship undetected.
With the clamps still in place, Glak makes one last ditch attempt to mechanically disable them. Thanks to a bad motivator, the clamps come off, and the group run into the ship and fire up the engines.
Just as they are about to leave, the Hub guards run in and start shooting. We close the ramp on the fingers of one guard as he makes a lunge for it, and blast out of the hanger.
The Hub security tries to hail us, threatening to fire. We tell them where to shove it and keep going, but in our haste we run into a freighter (5 damage to the ship hull).
In a stroke of luck, Glak manages to angle the hit so the freighter angles right into the line of fire from the Hub cannons, covering their escape.

The crew have a choice: make a direct jump to the planet (4 purple), or two jumps (2 purple, then a 3 purple).
Loddie is still passed out, so Shyvah calculated the jumps. Due to her skill, wanting to avoid detection, and the lack of an immediate threat, we decide to go for 2 jumps. Shyvah gets the coordinates easily, and the Hub fighters only have a chance to deploy before we jump to hyperspace.
One critical injury was healed on Shyvah and Rikoo.

  • +17 xp each for destroying the ship, rescuing the droid, and making it into hyperspace without dying.
  • Additionally, when the ship blew, the crates were blown open, and each crew member grabbed a weapon or armour worth up to 400 credits.
Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part III

While Lod is passed out on the ship, and Rikoo is being held captive by mysterious strangers somewhere on the Hub…
(ie: Paul and Yan couldn’t make it)

Upon discovering the Yiyar’s interest in the mysterious lost ship, the Sa-ala-nor, Shyvah and Glak return to Isotek to inform Rom that his competitors are interested in the same thing (and maybe looking for more hand-outs).
Isotek has been blown to hell, everything is a mess, there are scorch marks on the walls and the furniture is broken.
The robot has been decapitated (Glak stifles a giggle), and although the head was found, the robot’s memory cannot be salvaged.

While looking in Rom’s office, Shyvah found some kind of plastic storage device in a broken statue on the floor. She concealed it in her pocket just as the Hub security arrived to see what had happened.
The two spoke to the guards to explain that they were working for Rom, and were free to go as long as they stopped by the security office to make a statement later.

Glak hacked the computer in the hangar to see what could be found. Failed to find the video records, but managed to erase the note that they had to stop by the security office. They didn’t notice the maintenance droids coming and going until they had been to the ship and left. Only saw them leaving, not sure what was done to the ship.

Added a protection device between the computer and the memory device they found, and could see that it is a ledger of all of Rom’s illegal expenses, shipping reports and things like that. Could not hack it completely, so the names and numbers were not present in most cases, no complete records from it but there were some common names like the Pikes, the Hutts, and other people of less than noble intent.

Went to see the bartender after that, found out Rikoo was taken by Imperial spies (ISB), also gave us a recommendation at Farlander’s (tell him C’Lo sent us).

Went to Farlander’s and talked to his assistant, Knolls. We purchased a tent, glow rod, and survival kit (includes lantern, glow rod, thermal cloak, 10 ration packs, etc.). Was 410, offered for 350 which we took. Also threw in 3 charge cells for the glow rods.

Shyvah took the tent, I took the survival kit (5 enc.) and moved them to the ship.

  • -175 credits from Glak and Shyvah to pay for this. Also spent 5 credits for a drink at the bar.

While at the ship, Rikoo showed up, looking dishevled and had some kind of weird petal stuck to him, from an exotic flower.
Called She-Ra once we realized the droid was late, but she had sent it to Isotek with some bodyguards.
Went to Isotek and the guards were uncontious. In the distance we see the Rodians taking the droid on a grav sled.
4 Rodians as guards, plus a head Rodian, and a Sulustan driving. Seeing us, they start to high-tail it out of there, not caring who they hit.

Shyvah was in the lead (after Glak slipped) and got shot up by the Rodians.
We had to fall back, but Shyvah spotted some barrels up ahead. Glak got a shot off that dropped the barrels on them, and leak fluid all over the sled, leaving a trail on the ground.

We fell back and followed the trail, which led to their ship. Glak hacked a computer, tried to put out a warrant for the arrest of the Rodians, but it backfired and the warrant was applied to our team! We’re wanted, but managed to delay the update by an hour.

Found the controls to the docking clamps, and jammed theirs so they can’t take off yet. Also found the schematics for the clamps so Glak knows more about how to disable ours.

  • +1 blue to mechanics check on clamps

Also looked up plans for their type of ship, and we found a weak point.

  • need to use an aimed maneuver, doubles the disabling strain on the ship

While on the ship, did some medical stuff to fix up Shyvah.

Where we stand, Rikoo and Lod are resting on the ship, but should be back up to speed by the next session.
After all the computer shenanigans we should have a 1/2 hour left before we become wanted by the police for murder.

+10 xp, +2 to Glak for droid hatred

Episode II - Beyond the Rim - Part II

Session notes from December 2nd:

On The Wheel, we have 8 hours until the motherf&#king droid arrives.
Rom previously indicated the planet of Chulgara was a jungle and not very friendly, so we need to look into survival gear.

  • We each receive 250 credits from Shy’vah for the 1000 credit down payment.

Went into the droid shop, met San, a Sulustan, who had a shop full of half broken droids to repair.
A Gand customer came in and yelled at her because his R2 unit wasn’t fixed. I agreed to help out in return for a tool kit.
Fixed the hell out of it, got some info on the other shops from her:
Farlander is a dick, but he’s got a little assistant who is nice, he has some survival stuff we might need, some merch in better shape than others.
Brun runs the cafe, he’s an Alderaanian, hangs out with other Alderaanians in the cafe sometimes, mood gets violent then, very anti-Imperial
Hal’s Pars has ship upgrades and items, he is hard of hearing, but has an assistant named Nix. His cargo people are around with their lifts, going through the Wheel, could talk to them if we don’t want to deal with Hal directly.

  • +1 Tool Kit

We went to Hal’s to see if there was anything we could add to the ship to help with visibility in a jungle environment (heard of Luke’s problems on Dagobah and don’t want to repeat his mistake). Shy’vah was in line but we didn’t see anything in the store, so we left.
Riku had spotted a Rodian who was a little too interested in us, and tried to follow him/her but lost it (we tried to follow Riku and distracted him, oops).

Shy’vah went to Sonou’s Apparel, bought a backpack for herself, climbing gear for herself, Glak, and Lod (Riku had it already). 1/3 off, but not good quality.
She suggested trying Farlander’s for tents and other survival stuff.

Riku went to see if Dak was at the bar again to get more info. He charged 15 credits a question, but we learned:
People go to Chulgana for hunting expeditions, but there are no known settlements there (good cover though).
He has received questions about the Sa-Ala-Nor from the Yiyar, and the pod that we inspected that Rom has.

Meanwhile, Glak hacked into a terminal in the common hanger, saw the security footage of the Rodian, and figured out that he went to the hanger where the NightFlyer was parked. There are a bunch of the Yiyar hanging out there, not doing anything but sitting on crates and stuff. They are a family of salvagers, probable comptetition to Rom.

As Riku went to leave the bar, a well dressed gentleman approached him, said he had heard him asking about the Sa-Ala-Nor, and would like Riku to follow him. Two other well dressed gentlemen walked up behind Riku and put guns in his back, leading him away.

For next time:
Rescue the wookiee (or the gentlement, depending on your perspective)
Get tents and survival stuff from Farlander (clothing to look like a hunter from Sonou’s?)
Tell Rom about the Yiyar clan’s interest in his pod and the Sonofawhore
We have 3 hours left until the motherf&%king droid gets here

  • +10xp

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